Monday, September 8, 2008

Tommorrow's Details...

We received a call this morning with the details on when to arrive for tommorrow's surgery. I wasn't sure if we were going to be admitted today or not, so when we got the call about tommorrow I was so excited to be able to keep her with us one more night! We got bumped to second case so now instead of reporting at 7am, we're supposed to check-in at 10am and they will take her around 11:30. Surgery is scheduled to start around 12 or 12:30 and is going to last around 3 1/2 hours. Most of this time is getting Teag prepped (lines in, anesthesia, bypass, etc...) the actual surgery shouldn't take very long. Dr. Permut said the longest part of the operation is getting through the scar tissue, etc.. left over from the 1st surgery.

The Dr. said that her surgery is a pretty typical 'Glenn' with no additional work needed. He'll take down her Sano shunt and connect her superior vena cava to her pulmonary artery. This will connect her upper body blood flow directly into her lungs. He said to expect Teagan to be swollen from the mid-chest up and for her to look a little blue right after. But once her body adjusts to the new blood flow, she should look alot pinker! Depending on how the surgery goes, they may extubate her a few hours after, or they may decide to wait until wed. morning.

Trent and I are actually feeling really good about everything this evening. I'll probably be emotional tommorrow handing her over- I don't think that ever gets easy. But we know that Teagan is strong and our little fighter! We are comforted knowing that she'll be in God's hands tommorrow when she's not in ours. He's seen her through so much already and we know that he has great things in store for her! Please keep her and us in your prayers tommorrow! Teag's uncle Shaughn and aunt Deni are going to join us here at the hospital as a part of "Team Teagan" and I'll update as often as I can! Thank you to all who have been checking in on us and leaving such wonderful comments. We read all of them and are truly comforted knowing how much love and prayer is being sent our way! We love you all!


Simmons Family: said...

Prayers for Tegs and your family today! It's going to be one of the longest days of your life. I'm so sorry that our babies have to through this. Good luck and I can't wait for updates!


Katie said...

Trent, Sus & Teagan,
I can't stop thinking about you this morning...saying lots of prayers and just know we love you guys!!! Hang in there :) Give her an extra hug from Maddie! I'll be waiting for your updates too!
Katie & family

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way!! I've been thinking about you guys all day. As I'm writing this, I think she's probably in surgery. I know that she is in good hands and God is watching over. Stay strong!
Love, Cari

Anonymous said...

Trent and Susie,
You have all been on my mind constantly this morning and I am sending up prayers and picturing Teagan feeling so much better.I know that God is with her and especially both of you sitting there in the "heart wrenching waiting mode." I love you all and am with you in spirit! So happy that Shaughn and Deni are with you too! hugs to all! love, mum