Thursday, September 9, 2010

Water babies

Last month the kids had a chance to take swimming lessons up at Nana and Pacaw's house for the first time. It was alot of work to get everyone ready and out the door everyday to head to the pool, but it was totally worth it! Gav and Teag were both signed up in their own classes, one at 10 and one at 10:30. The other challenge was keeping them entertained/out of the pool while they waited for their turn.

The water was pretty cold that early in the day and it was hard to convince them that they needed to get all the way in. Gav's teacher had a nice trick- she'd have them start class by going down the slide! They were so excited, that I think they forgot that going down the slide meant they'd be in the cold water. It seemed to work pretty well!

Gav seemed to learn pretty quickly and by the end of the week he was pretty excited to show off his new skills. Teag is still a little young I think for the whole 'class' setting. She was the youngest one in her group and didn't really like the idea of doing what everyone else was doing. (no surpise there! ha) I was just happy that she was getting in the water at all and trusting her teacher to help her float and kick without me right next to her. She liked to wander away from the class and play with the water noodles, or come see me for a goldfish cracker before she went running off again. Her favorite skill to show off is how she learned to 'blow bubbles' with her face in the water.
I love this little ruffle bum!
With the water being so cold, it was only a matter of minutes before Teag would run out of the water shaking with blue lips. I kept a pair of warm dry clothes near by and we'd just change her and let her play by the pool if she didn't want to get back in. This left lots of time to be silly with her cousins who were taking lessons too!

Bode tagged along everyday too and enjoyed all the action. He hung out, napped in his carseat and got alot of love from all the pool mommies!

On a side note, I took Teag to the cardiologist last month because she'd been having alot of blue spells and acting really tired. Everything checked out ok and her sats were in the low 80s, so Dr. T thought that it may be the heat bothering her and making her so tired... We did have a pretty hot August here and she was definitely more active this summer than last so we're hoping thats all it is. I feel so blessed that she's needed such little intervention since her Glenn surgery almost two years ago, and if this is her summertime 'normal', I'll take it!