Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Boy!

A few weeks ago Gavin turned 4! I still can't belive my baby is getting so big.... He is the most loving, thoughtful and silly boy I know and we love him so much! He loves to sleep with his green blanket, asks for warm 'coffee' every morning (warm milk with ovaltine), makes up jokes and stories that make us all laugh, and says he never wants to cut his hair. He's the best big brother around and my helper boy whenever I need him. He wanted a contruction themed party and we had fun planning and putting his invitations together.

Here are some pictures from his party weekend:
Birthday dinner at the Olive Garden (his fav place) This guy loves fettucini!
Dad, Gavin and Uncle Cayle

Party stuff

We had his party at the local gymnastics place and he had so much fun running around with all his buddies. They were all sweaty and worn out by cake time!

Teag loved the party too, especially the hats!

Happy Birthday Doogie! We love you so much!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still here...

Yes, we are still here and doing well! The last 2 months have flown by and we've been busy enjoying lots of 'end of summer' activities. I get on the blogs and read about all of our friends every day, and I can't believe I've gone almost 2 months without posting here! Some of our end of summer highlights include: Fun times with cousins, grandma and Nana & Pacaw, free summer movies at the mall, visiting with all the heart families at the annual summer picnic, spending lots of time outside and at the park, going to the county fair and rodeo, welcoming home good friends from Iraq, and a great cardio appt. for Teag!

Gavin started his first season of t-ball which has been really fun to watch- go cubs!
He also officially started preschool this week, and loves it! I had a hard time leaving him the first day but he did great.One of my favorite things we did as a family last month was our trip down to Hood River, OR. Gavin's birthday is this week and he has a passion for anything on wheels- especially trains. So as part of his b-day we took a trip down to Oregon to ride the Mt. Hood railroad. None of us had ever been on a real train, and I think Trent and I enjoyed it as much as the kids! We got to ride for an hour to a little fruit farming town, get off to explore for half and hour, then ride back. In the fall they have a harvest train where they take you to a pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin then load it back on the train for the trip back. In the winter they have a similiar x-mas tree trip and also the Polar Express! I think we'll be headed back to Hood River soon!

At the end of July Teag officially graduated from physical therapy! She's walking,climbing and running everywhere and its amazing- we're so proud of her! We still go to OT once a week for feeding therapy- which remains our biggest issue. Teag will be 18 months on the 21st and still weighs around 18 1/2 lbs...
Recently I noticed that her teeth, mainly her front tooth has been sensitive and causing her pain. I'm starting to wonder if this is why she has such a hard time eating. Now that she's talking so much more, she's started to touch her front tooth and say "tooooof!" in a sad voice. One of her front teeth came in discolored and missing the enamel and my dentist told me it was probably from one of the meds she was given in the NICU... He dismissed it as minor and said that her permanent teeth should be fine. But now that she's uncomfortable I made her an appt. for tommorrow morning with a local pediatric dentist who can hopefully help her!
Teag had a cardiology appt in August and everything went well. No echo, ekg or even meds adjusting which made me a little uneasy but they don't want to see her again until Nov!
We have a busy week ahead with more appts. and a construction party for a special boy! Thank you for checking in on us after we checked out for so long!