Sunday, May 23, 2010


The last two weeks have flown by and finally all 3 kids are healthy again! Teag ended up not having Kawasaki's (yay!) and just an infection of some sort that cleared up with antibiotics. Then all of the kids passed around a yucky cold/cough/fever thing that lasted until a few days ago. Bode was the last to get it and is still pretty stuffy- but nothing major thankfully.

We've had visits from my dad and stepmom who flew up from Las Vegas, and also from my mom the next week who flew in from St. Louis! The kids have gotten alot of attention and were very spoiled! We had so much fun visiting with Grandma's & Grandpa's and are so lucky to have them!

Bode is doing really well and growing fast. He turned 8 weeks old on Thursday and has his two month check up this tuesday already! He has been a little colicky (sp?) at night the last few weeks and had some tummy troubles that we're hoping will come to an end soon. But he is the sweetest baby and has the best dimples! The kids are calling him 'Bode-ster' still and also 'little buddy' and are so gentle (mostly) with him. Teag does have a habit though of cramming his binky back in his mouth whenever she sees it, sweetly saying,"there you go buddy, there you go." ha...

My brother let me borrow his nice camera last week so I could take a few pics of the kids. Here are a few of them... I can't wait to get a camera like his!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cuts, Carts and Cuteness!

We're celebrating mother's day tommorrow since Trent had to work today- so I thought I'd write about what we've been up to this week!

Gavin was long overdue for a haircut so the kids and I headed over to 'Monkey Dooz' on Tues. Its a really cute kids salon where they play cartoons, have fun cars for the kids to sit in and stylists that are used to the kids moving all over the place! Teag decided that she wanted a haircut too once she saw the pink car so they both ended up getting a trim.

Gav decided he wanted to stand instead of sitting in a car... I think the stylist was more than happy to sit instead! Here he is in the 'cartoon coma', ha.

Teag requested pig tails after her trim and she also got sparkles put in her hair. She was so excited and now asks me for 'sparkle ponies' at home!

After the haircuts, we made a trip to Fred Meyer (grocery store) for a few things. The kids love this store because they have 'car carts' so they can drive while I shop. This was the first time we've gotten a 'car cart' with all three kids- doesn't leave much room for groceries!

Teag's cardiology appointment was rescheduled for this coming wed. so no updates there. But we did end up at the dr.'s office on Friday. Teag was acting a little off towards the end of the week and was really irritable and fussy. Thurs. night we took her temp and it was 102! She didn't have any other symptoms except really red eyes, so friday we went in to have her checked out. The dr. said her throat was really red but that kids her age don't typically get strep (even though its going around here). He was more concerned that she may be showing signs of Kawasaki's disease instead of just having some sort of virus or infection. As soon as I heard this I started to panic- we don't need anything else affecting her heart!! The dr. agreed to try some antibiotics over the weekend and see if she improves. If it is Kawasaki's, he said that her fever and other symptoms won't get any better in the next few days. So we started antibiotics friday night and over the weekend she seems much better and her fever has been gone since saturday. We're praying this means that she's fighting off an infection and nothing worse. She has an appointment in the morning to get checked out again and possibly have some tests run to completely rule out Kawasaki's- say a quick prayer for her if you would!
Teag has really been in to dressing up lately and carrying around her purses- so cute. So since she's not feeling too hot this weekend I thought I'd post a pic from last week. Her shoes kill me- they're so awkward to walk in and so loud! You can hear her walking down the hall from anywhere in the house, ha. My little fancy nancy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One month old!

Wow.. I can't believe Bode is already 1 month old! (actually, he'll be 6 weeks on thurs!) Time flies when you're having fun! (and when you're crazy busy with 3 kids 4 and under!) Things are going pretty good and Bode is growing so fast! He likes to eat every 2 - 2 1/2 hours (all day and night) hence the large belly, and still sleeps quite a bit in between.

He has really big blue eyes and looks just like Gav did as a baby. His eyebrows are so blonde they're almost invisible!

He's not quite smiling yet (except in his sleep)- this is as close as we've gotten so far...

The kids have nicknamed him 'Bode-ster' ("boad-ster") and 'little buddy'- so cute!

Look at that belly! I'm pretty sure he's close to 10lbs already...

The kids love to help me with him during the day and always run to 'help' him when he cries. Teag loves to come and tell me that "Bode needs me" whenever he starts to fuss- such a good sister! We took our first trip with Bode up to Trent's parents' house a few weeks ago and took him on his first hike!

I'm still adjusting to life with 3 kids and making sure everyone is happy and getting what they need. There have been a few 'incidents' - like when I was cooking and Teag tried to share her cereal with Bode during breakfast... I turned around to see her putting a piece in his mouth! We then had a long talk about how babies can't eat cereal- or any food for that matter unless mommy or daddy says its ok. And that we should never, ever put anything into Bode's mouth! There was also the day that Teag, Bode and I were picking up Gav at preschool and I was putting Bode in the car. The wind blew so hard it knocked Teag over and at the same time slammed the car door shut on Gav's hand... not a good day.

Teag is also very interested when I nurse him and asked if she could "eat from my belly too." My heart hurt for her when she asked me because I was never really able to nurse her- but I've been giving her extra snuggles and loving on her and Gav whenever I can!

Teag has a cardio appt. in the morning for the first time since Jan. so I'll update with the (hopefully good) news after that!