Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surgery is underway....

We checked in here at the hospital around 10am and handed Teag over at 10:40. They were scheduled to start putting her lines in around 11:15. We received a page around 1:15 that she was all prepped and they were starting. We were told that it takes a long time the 2nd time around to get through the scar tissue and get her on bypass... I called the ICU around 2:45 and they were still getting her prepped for bypass but they were almost there. Once she's on bypass we'll get another page that they're actually doing the 'work'. (connecting her svc, etc) Then another page when she's off bypass, and finally the 4th page when she's being moved to the ICU. Right now they still haven't confirmed that she's officially on bypass, and its taking longer than Trent or I thought. I had the ICU desk call the OR and they said everything is going fine and that sometimes it just takes awhile to get everything hooked up. They said once the actual 'work' starts that the rest should go pretty quickly. Please keep those prayers coming! I'll update again when we know more.


Katie said...

They must know what a beautiful little girl they have on that table...they're taking their time and getting things done perfectly. Don't worry...she's happily asleep and in la-la land :) The prayers are coming too!

Anonymous said...

We are sooooooooo thankful that things went so well! Thanks for the updates and pictures. She looks BEAUTIFUL even with all the tubes and wires. All continue to pray and we've added you, Trent, to our prayers.

Love you so,