Monday, April 12, 2010

Bode's birth story

Here we are 2 weeks later, and I'm just now finding a second to write Bode's 'birth story'! *One of the pics is a little graphic (just a warning!) Going into this pregnancy I knew I was going to have a c-section (this was my 3rd) so I knew Bode's birth date back in Nov. which is kind of fun. My mom flew out from St. Louis the night before, and Trent's parents drove down the night before too. I was scheduled 'first case' at 7am on Thursday and needed to be at the hospital by 5am for my pre-op. Trent and I stayed up until 2am the night before just talking and packing and getting used to the idea of having 3 kids, ha. I don't think I slept the other 2 hours until the alarm went off at 4- I was so excited/anxious/nervous!

Just arrived at the hospital- last picture of the belly!

About to get my spinal... ouch! (Trent took this pic watching through the window. They don't let him in until I'm all ready to go)

Trying to relax and breathe! The dr.'s are about to start...
Trent does so good in the OR with me and never has a problem watching everything going on. Since this was his 3rd (and final) c-section to watch, he decided he wanted to see everything! The dr. even invited him around the curtain to stand next to him for a few minutes while they were getting ready to pull Bode out. I just remember saying,"don't pass out babe, I need you!" ha... I made him come back pretty quickly and hold my hand (its no fun laying there alone!) Here is our fist pic of little Bode (the graphic one, sorry) I just love seeing him coming out so healthy and screaming!

First pic with Daddy. Welcome to the world Bode!

First pic with Mommy! I love those first moments- I just wanted to smell his sweet breath and hold him!
This c-section was by far my best experience of the three. I didn't feel sick at all and stayed awake the whole time! About an hour later our parents were able to see us in recovery and Teag got her first glimpse of her "baby Bode"! (Gav was at his preschool pajama party and came a little later- priorities! ha...)

Teag's first look at Bode- so sweet!

Gavin seeing Bode for the first time! He kept saying,"aww, look at him! I just love him so much!"

Bode about to get washed up, looking a little unsure..
Checking on baby bro...

So tired, but so happy!
Gav talking to him about 'guy stuff'... He loves having a brother!
Teag sharing her little lamb.
Life with three kids so far is awesome. I'm totally exhausted but loving every minute and feeling so blessed to be a mommy of 3 amazing kids!