Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post-Op Day 4

Teag is getting better every day! I'm so proud of our little hero, she's such a fighter and refuses to just lay around and act sick. She did well enough last night to come off of her oxygen today! No more nasal cannula on her face to pull on! I left the stickers on her face though, those things are stuck pretty good! I'm waiting until she's in a really good mood before I have to peel them off...

All of her numbers look great today and I even got a little smile out of her! Our nurses were great and brought a really cool mobile to hang on her crib. She also had fun with her new toys and balloon.

The only thing thats keeping us from being discharged is the raw patch on her chest where they ripped off her skin after surgery. I still haven't heard exactly what they had stuck to her that was able to do this much damage but I plan on finding out. They're treating it similiar to a burn and it actually looks like one. The plan is to keep the area wet so it can heal more efficiently. It looks so bad and painful, and I'm so frustrated that these things keep happening to her! It has absolutely nothing to do with her heart and without this issue, we'd be going home today!

Tommorrow is Gavin's 3rd birthday and I'm soooo heartbroken that we won't be home to celebrate. The good news is that he doesn't know that tommorrow is the 'big day' so we're going to have a big party for him when we get home....

My friend Bek came down to the hospital today and sat with Teagan while I went to shower and grab a bite to eat. She's scheduled to have her first baby on wed. and she's going to be such a great mommy! Teagee loved her and you can tell Bek is totally in 'baby mode'! Thanks Bek for loving on our little bug for me today!

Below are some pictures from today... I'll post a pic of Teag's wound at the bottom, so don't look if you have a weak stomach. Just a warning- its gross!

Here's Bek with Teagee:

Nap time!

-and here's what is keeping us at the hospital....yucky and so frustrating!!!!


Katie said...

Good Morning Sus and Teags. Just thinking of you guys and checking in on you. Hope that last night went well and that wound is healing QUICKLY!!! Can't wait for you guys to come down and we'll plan a playdate in a few weeks to come visit! Take care and know that lots of love is being sent ovet the mountains to you!
Katie & family

babydrew said...

She looks great! Her "burn" is much worse than Andrew's. Hopefully it will go away soon and you can go home. Glad to hear she is doing so well. Stay in Touch.

Taw and Stacey

Simmons Family: said...

That burn is aweful...poor baby! I'm so thrilled that she is doing so well and hopefully you'll be out of there soon enough. She's such a little trooper! Owen had that birdie mobile after his Glenn in ICU.. SO CUTE!!