Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back at the hospital.....

Teagan woke up friday morning with extreme swelling in her face and neck. We took her in to our local pediatrician and then to the hospital for an echo. They're thinking that she might have some blockage at her Glenn sight where they just did the repair. This would cause a restriction of blood flow from her head to her lungs and thus the swelling. We were airlifted back to Children's hospital here in Seattle last night and scheduled for a cath this morning. We handed Teag over around 9:30am to Dr. Jones and his team who will go in and try to figure out whats causing the blockage. We're hopefull that it can be fixed via cath with a balloon or stent and that will fix the swelling. I'll update later when we know more. Please say a prayer for our little bug this morning!


babydrew said...

We are praying for Teagan. We hope they can find the cause and fix it simply. Let us know if we can do anything for you.

God Bless,

Taw and Stacey

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear you're back in the hospital. Lots of prayers for Teagan and wisdom for the doctors that they will figure out whats wrong and it will be a simple fix. Hang in there. Love, Krista

Anonymous said...

Laurie called with this new development and I alerted the prayer chain. Everyone is praying....and believing God's Hand is on this little angel!

I love you all,
Nana Barb

Anonymous said...

One more bump in the road, I'm praying that the worst is over now. Teagan is made of strong stuff & so are you! Still praying for you all every day.
Love you,
God Bless you,
Aunt Karen