Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post-Op Day 1

Our sleeping beauty...
Extubated and feeling much better!Teagan had a great night last night resting comfortably and pretty sedated. This morning however, they held off on some of the sedatives so she could wake up more and be extubated. When I arrived around 7am she was thrashing back and forth and very mad! They said its the worst right before extubation because they're pretty awake and not appreciating the huge tube down their throat. Once the Dr. gave the ok, they extubated her around 8am and also took out her NG suction. Right now she's on just under a liter of oxygen to help keep her sats up while she adjusts to breathing on her own and she's satting in the low to mid 80s.

The plan for today is to offer her a bottle in a few hours which should make her happy. They will also probably take out atleast 1 or 2 of the 3 chest tubes this afternoon along with her pacer wires. She had some moderate draining out of her center chest tube so they might leave it in for one more day. They also plan on taking out her catheter and her 'brain sticker' when she wakes up. Right now she is resting and sucking like mad on her binky so they don't want to mess with her! There's talk of possibly moving to the floor tommorrow if they can wean her off the milrenone and onto some captopril. They'll also want to wean her off morphine and onto the oxycodone. Everything is definitely moving in the right direction and Teag is much much happier now that she's extubated!

Trent is at the local Urgent Care right now because he's having some serious back pain. He could hardly get up out of bed this morning! Please say a prayer for him also as he is supposed to return to work on friday and right now can hardly walk.


REM said...

We are SO glad to hear Teagan is doing well! We will keep up the prayers and hope that nothing is too serious with Trent's back. Thanks for the updates. It looks like Teagan has a room with a nice view of the outdoors! Elisa

Anonymous said...


So glad to hear how great Teagan is doing......I hope Trent gets his back pain managed. It always seems that "back's" have a way of plaguing a guy at the worst times!! Your all in my prayers.

Love, Susie Stewart

Mom said...

I am so happy to see our little Teag resting comfortably! How wonderful that you may be in a regular room soon! Tell Trent we're praying for him. Back pain is the worst, poor guy! Gavin loves the tractor plow from his gift basket that mommy left and used it in the sand box this morning. He is so sweet and we are having lots of fun. He can't wait for you to get home and play! Love you lots! Mom

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that she is doing well. What a champ! She looks so peaceful sleeping there. I hope Trent's back starts to feel better. Thanks for all the pictures and updates!
Love, Cari

Mimi said...

oh baby girl-

She looks so great! I know because I was just in there ;-)

We are so lucky to have such sweet girls. It is fun (well considering) to be here at the same time.

I am sorry about your hubby- poor guy... he does look like he's in pain. This is a great place to be for accidental morphine getting sprayed in your eye though. Yes, it has happened to me more than once.

The Hands said...

Do you have the coveted corner room down by NICU? We were in that one for our longest stretch and it was so bright and sunny.

Simmons Family: said...

Teag looks GREAT.. not too puffy and beautiful as ever! I LOVE the view... it looks so quite and peaceful in there. Sounds like Teagan will be outta there in no time!