Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

October wrap up!

Wow, October has come and gone and I didn't post once! There's defintely been alot happening around here so this might be a long update!

Gavin finished up his first season of T-Ball and got his first trophy! He really enjoys batting and running the bases, but is not a fan of playing the field saying it was boring- ha! He had alot of fun playing his first team sport but I think we might try soccer in the spring!We made it to the pumpkin patch twice this year and met up with the Allreds on our second trip! We had so much fun and I loved seeing both kids run around together and have a great time. Last year, Teagan had just had her Glenn and was struggling a bit- needing her NG and not feeling great. This year she was all over the place trying to keep up with Gavin!
Katie and I with the kids Gavin and Cade- best buddies!
Fall is definitely here to stay and the leaves have been falling off our trees faster than we can rake them! The kids love running through our piles before we can bag them up!
Teagan had an appt. to get her cast off on the 21st and I was more than excited. Even though it had only been 3 weeks, I think we were both ready to see it gone!

Waiting for our appt. and enjoying fruit smoothies- yum!After the dr. cut off her cast she started to cry and tried to put it back on! Eventually she thought it was funny to be able to put it on either hand and was pretty entertaining. We went over to x-ray next and they came back showing that she wasn't completely healed- so the dr. re-casted her!

Here she is getting her pre-cast padding on. I don't have any pics of the finished product but we went with a much lower key purple this time. After two more weeks we took her back in (this last tuesday) and had it taken off for good!

A few days after Teag was re-casted we attended the Harvest Ball fundraiser benefitting Seattle Childrens Hospital. Teagan was the 'feature patient' this year and I was so bummed that she still had her cast on! I have so many pictures from the night that I'll have to write a new post soon!

Last week Teagan had a cardiologist appt. for the first time since July. She had an ekg, echo and all the other usual stuff and everything went great! I was nervous about how she would handle her echo since it had been 6 months since her last, but she laid there and watched cartoons like nothing was happening! Right now her heart function looks good (for her anatomy) and we're scheduled for a SAT check/follow up in Jan. Dr. Herndon didn't up any of her meds, and discontinued her ranitadine (for reflux). So she's only on her aspirin, Captopril (2mls- 3x's/day) and furosemide (lasix) (.6mls-2x's/day). We decided that she no longer needed her reflux med (ranitadine) and so far she's done fine without it. I think she's actually eating more now that its stopped! She's still not on the growth chart- weighing in at 20lbs 3 oz at 19 months- but no one is too concerned. We've really been pushing the pediasure and Boost Kid essentials in between meals and she's slowly gaining weight... Her sats were 87! Which is a little higher than last time (her usual is around 83). I asked if it was normal for her sats to be going up instead of dropping and Dr. H said, "hey, we'll take it!" ha...

I'm working on another post about the Harvest Ball and also have some exciting news to share soon!