Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Smiling

Here's Teagee looking better today, and still smiling!
Today went pretty well for Teag. She's been fussy off and on but its so hard to say whats bothering her- she's got alot going on! She had an echo this morning and her stent looks great! We're just going to be hanging around here for a few days until her swelling goes down and she's breathing a little slower. The docs are being a little more cautious about discharging us after what happened....Teag also had a chest x-ray done to make sure there's no fluid on her lungs. I haven't heard the results yet, but I'm guessing that she's ok since no one has discussed it!

We had a fun visit from Katie and Maddie today that made our day! Maddie had an appt. here at the hospital and then they came up to our room for a bit! Katie is so sweet and brought me a bag of 'hospital survival' goodies! I had so much fun going through everything and enjoying the yummy treats! She also brought some freshly picked apples from their orchard and homemade cookies! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend and heart mom to lean on! Thanks so much Katie- you and Maddie were the bright spot of our day!
Here's Teag chillin in her cute new socks from our goodie bag!

Look at this huge grin I caught this evening, such a silly girl!

Here's a pic of me with Maddie and Katie. I definitely have my 'hospital face' goin on (tired, pale...) but how cute do they look?!

Here's Maddie hangin out in the bed with Teag. I don't think T meant to punch Maddie in the face, ha... they love each other! Or atleast they will when they can finally play together outside of the hospital in a few weeks!


babydrew said...

That is great news. we are so happy to hear she is doing well. Hopefully soon you will be home. We continue to pray for you.


Taw, Stacey, Ali, Lexi, and Baby Drew

Anonymous said...

Teagan and Maddie look so cute together, one of many pics to come as they grow together.
I'm so happy that you two mommies found each other!
God's Wisdom!
love n' hugs,
nana M.

Anonymous said...

Aw, they look so cute together! It's great that they will be able to grow up together through all of this.

Love, Cari

The Hands said...

Teagan looks like she has a pretty little bow in her hair! You should ask if they could put a pretty little pink bow on her IV or something. Got to "dance in the rain..."
Maddie looks like she's been to the tanner! Wow, all that playing outside must be making her strong.
My Heidi prayed for Teagan out of the blue last night at supper. You are being lifted up to the Lord many times a day! Take care!

erica white said...

I was so glad to hear that you were all doing better, you were in my prayers as you were heading to Seattle! Teagan is so happy and smiley. We are thinking and keeping you in our prayers, we would love to have Gavin come and play again anytime! love and hugs,
Erica White