Thursday, September 11, 2008

Post-Op Day 2

Here's a view of our 'corner suite'!

So I know I just posted, but I'm bored so I thought I give a mid-morning day 2 update! Teag had a pretty good night last night, she got sick during a feed around 1am but the nurse thinks she gagged on her meds...She's still pretty sleepy and really swollen and sore, although she's much less 'out of it' than yesterday. This morning she's had her eyes open a little and she just stares at me like 'what is happening right now?'. They just took out her central line in her left groin and her arterial line in her right groin and she's much happier. Since both of those go into the arteries, they're stitched in to her skin and super taped up. So once those were out she's been sleeping better. The only line she has now is one iv in her left foot. Thats it! She's still on O's, her leads are stuck everywhere and she has her sat probe, and a temp. probe on her. Her incision looks awesome, and the 'skin burn' patch looks the worst of anything. Trent and I were joking that she always has to deal with some 'extra issue' and we're hoping that this time the whole skin burn patch is all. They did rounds this morning and said they want to move her to the floor later today! I'm excited, but also so sad... It means leaving Mimi up here alone again and the other sweet families. Plus like I said before, we loooove our nurses! I asked to stay here another day and they all laughed at me...

Teag's blood pressure is still really high, but they said thats expected after the Glenn. She's off of the morphine and switched over to oxycodone, she's also off of milrenone and on the captopril instead. They just got that big 'tree' of med pumps out of here because she's on all oral meds now!! She's also been eating really well so far and we haven't put in the NG tube yet. Every feed we've offered her she's drank in about 2 minutes, but this is mostly because she's starving! Last night around 9pm she drank 120ml!!!! She's never eaten that much at one time, let alone by bottle only so I was so happy! We offer her 90ml every 3-4 hours now and they seem happy with what she's eating so far.

Thank you for all of the prayers, thoughts and messages these last few days they are definitely being felt! Teagan is doing so well, and we couldn't be happier with her progress. We are blessed to have such great friends and family helping us on our journey here and at home!

Here's Teagee this morning- sad, grumpy, but still beautiful!


REM said...

Susie, I have tears in my eyes reading your updates on Teagan. She is so precious and beautiful. I have just been reading in 2 Corinthians 12:9. It states:

But he said to me, "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

I am so thankful that through Teagan's heart being weak or imperfect, God's power is being made clearly known. He has his mighty hand on her and is showing his goodness and grace throughout this situation. May He continue to make himself known and may Teagan's life be used in a mighty way! She has already affected so many! Thank you!

Katie said...

Hey Sus,
I've been gone all morning so when I got home, I couldn't wait to read your blog! I was so happy to see you updated a couple of times. I'm so thrilled for Teags...she's doing awesome!

Sounds like you'll be moved to the floor very soon which is so GREAT yet always sad to leave the CICU...I know, we begged to stay there too. When they wanted to move Maddie, there wasn't a room on the floor so they had told us if there wasn't room on the floor, they would charge us floor prices in the CICU and we'd be discharged from the CICU! I guess it's happened before. We were all for it until a room popped open for Maddie. Oh well, it's one step closer to home, seeing Gavin and getting on with life. Teagan is as beautiful as ever, everytime I look at her I have flashbacks to Maddie just 2 months ago looking and feeling the same way. Has she acted like she's had a super headache??? Just think, in a week she'll feel SO MUCH better and you'll probably be home!

So glad you got to meet Mimi and Mia as well as another heart family. You were so right when you said it's like a "club". Made me laugh... We all just "connect" on another level that we don't have with other mom's. Our feelings are the same, we can talk the same talk and have "been there" so the level of comfort we have with one another is so awesome. I miss you guys and wish we were there at the "dorms" too to enjoy chatting! Again, we're so happy for you guys and aren't surprised one bit!!!!Take care and get some sleep before the "dreaded" floor :) Keep it up Teagan!!!!

Simmons Family: said...

Teags is a rockstar!! I can't believe how fast she is recovering and EATING??!! I'm so excited for all of you!


Gerry Birch said...

Dear Susie and Trent, takes courage does it not? Teagan is a strong little girl and will pull through this. Our love to all of you--Gavin and also your mom, Marcia.
Grandma and Grandpa Birch

Anonymous said...

It was hard leaving sweet Gavin and going back to work. He's in good hands with your mom but the three of us were having such a good time together, I hated to leave!
Thanks for updating, do it as often as you like as I check it and show off adorable Teagan when anyone comes into my room. All the teachers, principal etc. have asked about her today!
She is just doing awesome, truly God is answering all of our prayers, you will be home in a blink! Hope Trent's back is feeling better! poor guy! Love you all so much! Nana

Anonymous said...

Susie, we're at the motel and I don't have the cord for my laptop so can't be alive long. Love reading the blog each day. Pray all the time for you guys. You talk about the other moms being so strong. You top them all, I do believe. May God continue to give you energy and strength as Teagan continues to get better. Can't wait to see her again! Janie