Friday, September 12, 2008

Post-Op Day 3

A little more bright-eyed today!

We're still here in our cozy little room on G-4 doing pretty well. Last night was definitely our roughest yet with neither Teag or I getting much sleep. She's pretty much just miserable until her swelling goes down and her chest heals more. She's still on oral feeds and all oral meds but its hard to get her to eat when she's so tired. Her one iv that was left in her foot ended up coming out today. The nurse went to flush it and thought it was blocked, but after messing with it saw that it was ok. She decided to re-tape it though and in the process ended up pulling the whole iv out of Teag's foot. The good news is that now she has no more lines in, bad news is that they may have to start a new one if any iv lasix is needed in the next few days. We're hoping not! Today Teag was a little more like herself and not so 'googley eyed'! She almost smiled a little and it made me feel good to see a glimmer of our fiesty girl coming back.

Theres no plans in place for us to leave this weekend but we'll see. Teag is still really needing the oxygen to keep her sat's up and she's still pretty swollen. The dr.'s mentioned maybe monday we'd be headed out of here if those two issues get better over the weekend!

I went out to the car today to grab a quick bite to eat and it wouldn't start! I had to laugh because it always seems like these things happen when we're here at the hospital. A nice family jump started my car and I was able to go get a new battery so all is well. Just a little added excitement!

We received a few gifts today so I took some pics of Teag with her new toys! Thank you so much to Maddie and her sweet family for the gifts and balloon! The Giraffe is so cute and fitting for our stay on the 'giraffe' floor and Teag loves watching the balloon and playing with/eating the strings...ha. Also thank you to Mia's mom Mimi for the adorable elephant! I caught Teag sucking on the trunk today!


Katie said...

Good Morning pretty girl. We hope you're feeling MUCH better today and that your mommy can get some rest. Have a great day and we'll be so excited when we read the title...discharged!
Katie & Maddie

Mom said...

I hope you both got some sleep last night! We are waiting for you to come home and play! Teagan looks beautiful and bright-eyed! Can't wait to see you both and give you lots of hugs! I love you so much! Mom

Anonymous said...

So happy to see those big, beautiful eyes open! She looks brighter with each new day! Hope you two can get some rest. love you both!