Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Official!

Teag is walking!!! I'm so proud of this little girl! She's been working so hard at it lately, and gets up to try again every time she falls down. She's so proud of herself and happy that she has a whole new view of the world! Her new skills are proving to be a bit dangerous though, as she falls about 100 times a day-usually face first. Today she woke up with a lovely black bruise under her eye from one of her adventures yesterday!

5K Heart run and Team Teagan!

We had so much fun participating in the Run Royal 5K last saturday in honor of Maddie Allred and for the Children's Heart guild! Our good friends the Allreds live in such a small tight-knit community and I was amazed at how many people came out to run and support Maddie, the heart kids and pediatric heart research!

Our family was decked out in official 'Team Teagan' gear and we had a great time running together!
Go Team Teagan!
Courtney, Brian, Me, Trent, Gav and Teag
Here's a few close ups of what our shirts looked like:
After the 5K, there was a kids fun run and Gav really wanted to try. Here's Gav running his little legs off with Trent by his side...

Here's Gav with my brother Brian... All that running wore him out!

Here's Teag and I with Katie and Maddie Here's a photo of all the heart families/kids that came out for the race:
The Allreds, our family, Jill & Kate and Wyndi & Izzy
Teag and Maddie together, these girls love each other!
All of the money raised went directly to the Children's Heart Research Guild. The Heart Research Guild (click here for the website) is a newly formed organization formed by parents of children with heart defects and raises money for Children's Research Institute, which is the research arm of Seattle Children's Hospital. Our little babes futures depend on advancements in medical science and we were thrilled to be a part of something that goes towards this cause! Hopefully this will be an annual event and we can work to raise even more money next year!

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of pictures! (and a few words..)

Wow, we're getting behind again! I thought I'd start back at our 4th of July weekend...

Teag and her 'Cacaw'...
All the cousins...

Teag showing off those skinny legs! (not walking yet, but close!) Gav and Nana watching the parade in Twisp...

Quick lunch after the parade...

Making a boat together at the arts in the park festival...

Gavin and Garrett testing out their boats in the river!