Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer fun!

So I'm not doing very well at getting 'back to blogging', ha... We're staying busy spending time at Nana and Pacaw's house this week up north. I'm away from my normal computer and all those summer pics I wanted to share, so I thought I'd post a few quick pics from the last couple of days. My mom is out visiting from St. Louis and brought my brother's camera back out again for me to borrow for awhile. Having a nice camera makes such a difference, and I'm having so much fun learning how to use it! I'm so jealous of all of you who have one of these to play around with everyday!

The kids are taking swimming lessons this week for the first time with their cousins and its been really fun. Teag and Gav are in their own classes and are doing so well!

Bode is so sweet and getting so big so fast. He deserves a post all his own (hopefully soon)! He has the best dimples and cutest smile, and his laugh is so funny. He's enjoying watching all of the action and craziness here at nana's, and loving all of the attention from grandma/nana/auntie!

Here he is watching the big kids swim. He can have a whole conversation with you using just his eyebrows. His big belly and chunky legs are out of control, ha!

We took the kids and cousins up to Winthrop yesterday for icecream and pictures. Main street is all these old western looking buildings with cute shops, wooden walkways and great views of the river. So fun!