Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 32

We had a pretty good day today! The nurses gave Teagan a little oxycodone for her hand last night, so she slept great! This morning her hand looks a little worse, but the dr.'s are convinced that it will get a little bigger, break open, and then begin to heal. (I'll attach a picture for those who are curious) There was talk of us possibly going home tommorrow, but now it looks like it might be thursday or friday? The docs decided to change her heart medicine today to a beta blocker drug that will help to lower her heart rate. So they want to monitor her for a day or two before we're released. Twenty minutes after getting her first dose of the new med. her heart rate dropped from 160's to the 130's/120's! This is more the range where they want it to be, and they're hoping that the lower heart rate reduces the 'svt' runs. Teagan is considerably less fussy today and overall seems more comfortable. I had the chance to give her a bath today- her first one! She cried at first, but then she actually fell asleep in the tub! I took a few pictures afterward and she looks like she has red hair! I also got a lesson in running her feeding tube pump, and learned about her medicines. She will be going home on 6 different meds at first, so theres a pretty complex schedule!


Anonymous said...

You guys make the cutest babies! It is so great to hear the amazing progress Teagan has made. I bet Gavin can't wait to take his baby sister home.
Take care,
Allison, Sean and the boys

Anonymous said...

The prayer chain on your behalves continues to grow - my daughter Michelle has you and your darling Teagan at the top of her prayer list. She is such a beautiful baby! So alert and bright! Like the little angel she is! How exciting to look forward to going home soon! Her improvement is testimony to God's hand on her and with her doctors. The blessings are just beginning! Extra hugs and prayers for Gavin, too - he's such a precious little guy! Your strength is a testimony to all of us! Sending love, Jan and Jim

REM said...

We are so happy to hear that Teagan is doing well. We pray for her and your family each and every day. God is good.
Elisa Mallrich