Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 24

So we are finally moved to the floor! They went ahead and moved Teagan to the general cardiac recovery area (out of the ICU) this afternoon. This is exciting but also a little scary because she gets much less one on one attention from the nurses. Trent has spent the entire day there with her and is planning on sleeping in the room with her tonight, so he can comfort her when she's awake. (what a great daddy!) I am at home with Gav until wed. when Trent's mom is coming to stay the rest of the week. This is how I've been balancing my time the last 2 weeks between Gav & Teag and its so hard to leave either one! I am longing for the day when we're all at home as a family together! Teagan is doing pretty well today but has had an increase in her breathing rate. Her heart rate is still back and forth between high and mid range- so we're anxious for both of these to come down and stay down! She should be getting her stitches out sometime this week and hopefully start oral feeds soon! I'm really hoping she has a good night tonight so that she and Trent can both get a little sleep!

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Katie Allred said...

Way to go Teagan!!! You're one step closer to home! She is so cute- love those cheeks...hope Maddie gets some soon too! Have fun with sleeping there tonight, Trent! I think I got about 3 hours of sleep the first night I slept on the floor with Maddie, very nerve wracking and as soon as I'd drift off, a nurse came in to do vitals. Oh's all worth it to be with your baby girl. We'll keep praying for you guys! Take care!
The Allreds