Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back Home....again!

We left monday afternoon and headed back over to Seattle for Teagan's scheduled hand surgery on Tues. We arrived at Children's hospital Tues. morning around 8:45 and checked in to the surgery clinic. By 10am we were meeting with anesthesia who told us that they would have to admit us for atleast one night because Teagan is a 'single ventricle' baby and they wanted to monitor her after the surgery. We were not prepared for this at all and I was so upset at the thought of being readmitted to the hospital after we'd just left. (They had previously told us that it was a same day procedure) Then the plastic surgeons came in to go over the procedure with us and they asked to see her hand. When they looked at her wrist, the dr. said "well that doesn't look bad enough to put her through surgery.." Trent and I were a little confused and I asked if that meant we were going home. The dr. said that he'd want to follow up in a couple weeks, but for now we could hold off on the surgery! So we packed our things back up and came back home! It was a little frustrating having to drive over there for nothing, but I was just glad that they didn't have to mess with Teagan any more! Today is wed. and we're all back home and resting. Teagan has her first appointment this afternoon with the cardiologist here in town and I'm anxious to see how she is doing! She is sleeping better at night lately and she is even starting to nurse a little bit in between her tube feedings! It will still be awhile before we can take out the feeding tube, but she's on her way!

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Katie Allred said...

I've missed hearing from you guys- thanks for the update! Wow...I bet you guys were a little peeved but totally relieved she didn't have to go through anymore- all worth the trip!!! So excited to hear that you have a little nurser, that's awesome. What a little trooper!