Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 23

Teagan had a pretty good night last night and slept for several hours. She's been a little fussy off and on the last few days and we're not sure if its her wrist hurting, gas pain, or morphine withdrawals. I'm convinced that its a combination of all three! Her wrist is looking better today though, and less swollen. So hopefully it will resolve itself without any intervention needed. Her heart rate has come down some, and her breathing has been stable without the need for the c-pap machine. She's been breathing on her own now since friday night! She had a great day today sleeping alot and not very fussy. The dr. was confident enough with her progress to suggest that we might be moved to the 'floor' tommorrow! (this is the general cardiac hospital wing, outside of the ICU) It would be the last stage of our hospital stay where they wein Teagan off of a few meds and teach us how to feed her/ care for her when we come home! I'm hoping that my post tommorrow will be complete with a picture of her new room outside the ICU! Thanks for the comments, and emails!

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Gene & Janie said...

Trent & Susie, Thanks so much for the blog and especially the pictures. Teagan looks like a beautiful little girl. And our prayers are with you and for taking her HOME soon. May God bless you with strength and endurance and a special kind of patience and some good sleep!! Know you are loved and in our thots daily. Gene & Janie