Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 31

Teagan is one month old today! Which also means we've been here at the hospital for a month, and are really ready to get home! I came back over to Seattle today with Gavin and am taking the night shift with Teag while Trent and Gav get to spend some time together. Teagan is off of all the monitors she was hooked to, and only has the feeding tube now. They want to get us used to not having any monitor to look at for when we go home, but its very nerve wracking! I keep watching to see if her blanket is moving up and down so I know she's breathing! Tommorrow I should get my own feeding tube lesson and learn more about giving her the meds, and setting up a schedule. Her hand where the sore is actually looks worse today and she was irritable and in pain all day. They decided to start antibiotics this evening which she will get 4 times/day to hopefully clear up whats going on. We were hoping to be released sometime this week, but her hand might set us back a little. We'll have to see how much it improves over the next few days.


Cari said...

Happy Birthday baby Teagan! Keep getting better!
It's great to hear all of the updates from you guys. It's amazing the progress she has made. And she's just so cute!
We're still praying for you!
Love, Cari

Anonymous said...

One month old already, Teagan. It's been a very ruff beginning but you're going to be such a huge blessing to us all. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and many others do as well. Keep getting better so you can get home! Janie

Anonymous said...

I check your blog everyday, and sweet bqby Teagen is marching on......closer to home. Trent and Susie, keep your chins up, each day is one closer to home and Teagens full recovery. I tell Katie, don't think to far ahead, and take it day by day......that's all you can do......Love, Susie Stewart