Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 27

So last night was a little more exciting than Trent and I would have liked. Teag's heart rate decided to skyrocket along with her breathing rate. They tried to do an ekg but she wasn't having it, and we were up with her pretty much all night. Today (thurs) she had some x-rays done on her hand where the sore is, and she had an ekg (successful this time) to check on her heart. Her heart rate and breathing are still elevated and she is still pretty irritable, but we are hopeful that things will begin to calm down soon. This evening has been better, and right now she is sleeping away as we watch! Trent and I are faithful that this situation we are facing is all part of God's plan, and we know he has great things in store for Teag! (The bandage on teag's head is where the iv was taken out today. -No more iv's!)


Katie Allred said...

We'll be keeping baby Teagan and your family in our prayers- keep up your great attitudes and your strong faith in God. He is there each step of the way.

Dave & Karen said...

Dear Susie and Trent,

I finally got to go on the blog today. What a precious little girl!!! Thank you so much for all the info and pics! You all look great. I thank God for all He's done. Please keep all the info and pics coming and give Teagan and Gavin a big hug and kiss from their great-aunt Karen. We'll keep the prayers going. Love you all, Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave