Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 29

Saturday! We had a pretty good night last night and I actually slept 4-5 hrs. throughout the night (which is good for the hospital). Teag's was calm and pretty sleepy for the first half of the day and then became suddenly irritable this evening. Trent and I spent about an hour and a half trying all of our tricks before we finally got her settled. The nurses seemed to think she's still experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the morphine which is being weined even more each day. She gets really irritable (inconsolable) and sweaty, and she also sneezes a lot which strangely is a sign of withdrawal we've been told. Its a little after 9 pm right now and she's been sleeping for about an hour- so here's hoping this is the start to a good night! I'll be spending the night here with her tonight so Trent can go get some sleep. I'm headed back to the tricities tommorrow for a few days to be with Gavin. I'm praying that Teag sleeps a lot and has a great next few days for Trent! We are continually hopeful that we'll be headed home sometime this next week, so please put that in your prayers! Teags is one month old on Monday! Its hard to believe a month has already gone by even though sometimes it feels like we've been here forever! I got my chance to put some clothes on her today and we took a few pics. She looks like a little lady!


Katie Allred said...

She looks so adorable! Bet you enjoyed finally getting to dress your baby girl too! You're in our prayers-
The Allreds

erica white said...

She is sooo cute! I love the pink, and she's smiling at you!
I'll be praying you get to take her home soon.
love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Trent and Susie,

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers dailey. Your little one is so precious. Looking forward to the time when Teagen and Maddie will meet.......Also looking forward to meeting you, Susie. Love, Susie Stewart (Maddie Allreds Grandma AKA (Nany).......

Anonymous said...

It's so, so, so good you are all home...again home! And the cardiologists there say things are Ok. This is very good. And I hope you're figuring out some sort of scheduling for how to get everything done. We love you guys so much. Hooray that you're home! Janie and Gene