Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday night at the ER!

We had an exciting weekend! After talking with the on call cardiologist on Sat. he decided that I should take Teagan to the ER to have an ekg done because she was really fussy and sweaty, and her heart rate had gone from the 120's to the 160's. She had been off of her propanolol for about three days by then and I was thinking that maybe her body still needed it. The cardiologist wasn't comfortable restarting her medicine again though until she had an EKG to make sure she was in a normal 'sinus' rhythm. So our friend Jason came over around 11pm and hung out while Gav was asleep and I headed to the hospital. (Trent was on night shift!) Everything turned out fine and when we got to the ER, Teagan's heart rate was back in the 120's and she was smiling at every nurse that looked at her! Her EKG looked normal and we got the ok to restart her propanolol if she needed it.

Sunday Katie and Maddie came down for a visit which is always so fun! The girls are both getting so big! Katie brought down Maddie's SAT monitor so I could check to see how Teagan was doing. I would love to have a monitor at home all the time too and I'm going to talk with the cardiologist about that tommorrow! We're really hoping that the girls have their next surgeries around the same time so we can keep each other company at the hospital!

Home health came out on Monday to weigh Teagan and check on everything. This is another service Teagan qualifies for through WIC! The home health nurse reports her weight back to our dietician so we don't have to go in every week for weight checks! Teagan weighed 9lbs 13oz on her scale- almost 10 pounds! Our goal is still to get to 12lbs or so before the next surgery which means Teag needs to gain around a pound per month for the next 2 months! The nurse also gave me info on connecting with local families that have cardiac kids too! She will also help me with Teagan's developmental evaluations in the future to make sure she stays on track!

Tommorrow Teagan has a quick appointment with the cardiologist at the Children's Hospital satellite clinic in Richland. I just want to make sure she's still doing ok and see if we do in fact need to go back on the propanolol long term. Hopefully we'll get a good report! If all goes well, we were thinking of taking a little car trip this weekend to get out of town. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for all the pictures! I know I've said it before but she is just a little doll baby. You are very blessed & its obvious you are taking wonderful care of her.I know you are, but live each day to the fullest!
Love you all, Karen & Dave