Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Scare...

We had our first official scare yesterday since we came home from the hospital. Teagan was sleeping with me in our bed and Trent woke me up to ask me if I thought she looked a little blue. I looked at her and her arms/hands were really pale and she was 'greyish' around her lips. This sort of coloring is an indication that Teagan may not be oxygenating as well as she should and her SAT levels (oxygen levels) may be decreasing. She was also sleepier than normal yesterday during the day and fussier off and on. So I took her in to the Children's Hospital satellite clinic here in the Tri Cities to check her SATS and the nurse couldn't get them to read higher than 76! (Normal adults should be around 100 and Teagan is normally mid-high 80's) So they sent us to our pediatrician's office to be looked at to make sure we didn't need to go to the hospital. (At this point I'm semi-panicking) At the dr.'s office they checked her SATS on both hands and feet and got readings between 76-83. The dr. looked at her and thought she looked well enough to send us home since we have an appt. with the cardiologist tommorrow anyway.

I've been watching Teagan like a hawk all day today, and she seems to be doing fine. She's just alot sleepier than normal.... As Teagan grows and gets closer to needing her next surgery her SAT levels will start to drop and she will probably be sleepier because she just won't have alot of energy- but I wasn't prepared for these signs just yet! I feel like we just got home from the hospital and I'm not ready to head back yet! (not that I will ever be ready, this is just sooner than I thought) So we have our appt. with the cardiologist tommorrow where she should have an echo to make sure her heart function is still good. We should know alot more after talking with the dr. about how she is doing. Please keep us in your prayers tommorrow that Teagan will check out ok and we will receive good news!

On a happy note Teagan is 9lbs 3oz now and still doing great on this special formula!


Anonymous said...

Susie, Darn, I know are anticipating some of this oxygen level drop but not this soon. You need more time to recoup yourself before you go the second round. So I'm sorry you get hit again so soon. Our biggest prayer for you is that you have stamina to keep walking the journey you're on. And we'll pray Teagan's Dr. reports today are good. Janie

danny and chris said...

We are here for you with nothing but love and prayers. We love you Teag. Stay strong Suz :)