Friday, June 20, 2008


Sorry for the delay between posts, but no news is good news so far! This week has been a little busy around here! We had a great Father's Day with Trent and made it up to the Allred's house for dinner on Sunday! (Teagan's heart buddy Maddie's family) Monday Trent and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and this Saturday is Teagan's 3 month birthday!

Teagan is doing great this week! I finally got the vouchers for her formula and picked it up on Tuesday. Again, I am so grateful for the help from WIC with this. We get 8 cans a month of Teagan's formula and when I went to the store, the total for all 8 cans was $220.00!!! I can't imagine having to pay that every month! Eventually she will require more than 8 cans a month (crazy, I know!) and we'll have to buy the remaining ones but this probably won't happen for a while.

As of wed., Teagan is officially off of her propanolol. This was the medicine she was put on to control her SVT rhythms and lower her heart rate. So far she is doing well without it and I've been checking her heart rate every couple of hours to make sure! The dietician that we are working with gave me a few new nipples for Teagan's bottles to see if we can get her to eat more. These new ones allow her to eat more without working so hard because they're latex and much softer. We're also concentrating her formula to 26 cal./ounce up from the normal 20 cal./ounce so that should help her pack in on! She is gaining weight, just slowly! On wednesday she was 9lbs 10oz! We're trying to make it to atleast 12lbs before her next surgery this fall so we still have a ways to go. She's only in the 5th percentile for her weight/age right now and when Gavin was 3 months old he was in the 80th! ha... She always looks really chunky in the pictures (especially in her face!) but in person she's still pretty tiny!

I posted a picture of what one month of formula for her looks like, and a picture of her morning meds next to her 'medicine cabinet'!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Trent and Susie! Happy birthday Teagan! That's great that she's off the propanalol and that you're getting the formula you need.
Lots of love, Cari