Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 Months Old!!

Today is Teagan's 3 month birthday, and she has come so far! I haven't really let myself look back at the pictures of her in the hospital until now and its unbelievable that this is the same baby! If you would have told me 3 months ago that today I would be at home with a happy, smiling, very energetic baby I would never have believed it. God is truly amazing and has certainly answered all of our prayers in helping Teagan to heal! I know that there are more surgeries and hospital stays to come, but right now we're focusing on our beautiful baby who's now officially 3 months! We're looking forward to not only celebrating her 'monthly birthdays' but many, many years of birthdays to come!


Katie said...

How cute!!! Love her dress & hair bow...she's just darling in it! Happy 3 Months Teagan!
The Allreds

Anonymous said...

Look at the little princess!! What a doll! Happy Monthday Teagan!

The Paynes

Anonymous said...

Wow! How far she has come indeed! I so love "stalking" all these precious babies on their blogs. Teagan is so adorable. The sweet dress fits her personality. Happy Birthday Teagan.

Love, Susie Stewart
Maddie Allred's Nany