Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Summer Day

We're having one of those lazy summer days today! The weather here is beautiful, Trent's off work and we're hanging out around the house as a family! We all hung out in the yard this afternoon and Teagan got to wear her first bikini! ha.. (Trent says its her first, and last! :) )

The cardiologist on wed. said that we can begin to wean Teagan off of her Propanolol. This is the heart medicine she's been on for the SVT runs she was having in the hospital. So by wed. of next week we should be off of it! We may end up going back on it if she needs it, but for now its one less medicine! She's still on several medications though, here's our current schedule:

8am= Captopril 1.3ml, Propranolol .25ml, lasix .4ml, zantac .4ml

2pm= Captopril 1.3ml, Propanolol .25ml

8pm=Captopril 1.3ml, 1/4 baby aspirin, lasix .4ml, zantac .4ml

10pm= Propanolol .25ml

The formula that Teagan needs due to her digestive issues is really expensive. It costs anywhere from $26-$30 per can depending on where we buy it! One can only lasts 4-5 days right now and as Teag eats more it won't even last that long! I found out on friday though that the local WIC office is going to help us cover most of the formula for whole year! They're giving us 8 cans per month!! Normally we wouldn't qualify for any assistance but Teagan has been classified as 'categorically needy' and we are so thankful for the help!

We're looking forward to a fun Father's Day tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

Teagan is quite the fashion model! What sweet children they are! We're so glad you're able to have a lazy, relaxing day together! Our prayers continue for all of you! We love you so much!
Mom & Rick

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Trent You're an awesome daddy to Gavin and Teagan. Love the bikini....don't worry yet!:-)
Enjoy your day!
You are all in my daily prayers,
love 'n hugs,

Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear of all these positive updates - we keep praying they continue and everything falls into a normal, happy routine for all of you. You guys look/sound great...keep up the good work!!

The Paynes

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...

I linked to you from Gracie. My son is Teagan, he was born with HLHS on March 10th. Can we link you to our blog? Your Teagan is a doll.
HEART HUGS- Brytten and Teagan