Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Road Trippin!

Gavin & Nana
Gavin 'watering' the lawn
Gav & cousin Garrett
Trent & Gavin
Me & my two little loves!
Trent's dad 'Pacaw' holding Teagan.
Gavin and cousin Garrett.
Gav hiking with Pacaw

After a good report from the cardiologist last week we decided to take a little road trip up to Trent's parents' place for the weekend! The cardiologist decided that Teagan is still ok without the propanolol and thinks that her little ER 'episode' was probably due to weaning the medicine too quickly. He also said that he's guessing her surgery will be sometime in Sept. with her cath procedure in August to make sure that she's ready. Usually kids are in the hospital for a much shorter duration for the Glenn and we are hoping for a quicker recovery than the first surgery. The cardiologist said that when kids are a surprise diagnosis like Teagan (not known before birth) 9 times out of 10 they are hospitalized atleast twice as long as the pre-diagnosed. One of our heart buddies Natalie had her Glenn last friday and was moved to the floor by monday- 3 days later! She's doing awesome and we're so happy for her and her family!

Our 'road trip' over the weekend was both fun and stressful. We couldn't wait to get out of town after hanging out at home for almost 3 months but coordinating and packing everything we needed was alot! It was great to visit with family and finally have a change of scenery though! Trent and Gavin went on a hike with Trent's dad and brothers' family and had a great time. Trent and I even went out for about 2 hours and left both kids with Nana & Pacaw! This was the first time since we've been home from the hospital that Trent and I had been alone without the kids! I was so happy that Gavin was able to get some fresh air and be a little country boy for the weekend. He got to play with cousin Garrett, run through the sprinklers with Nana, play in the haystack, and get really dirty! We are in the midst of potty training with him and this weekend he had his first experience 'watering' Nana & Pacaw's lawn....(see above picture!)

My mom flew in last night to stay with us for a while and help me with the kids! This is the first time she'd seen Teagan since a few days after her surgery so she was pretty impressed by how great she looked! Gavin is really enjoying someone else to play with and I'm loving the break!

Tommorrow home health is coming out again to weigh Teagan and see how she is doing. Last monday she weighed 9lbs 13.5 ounces so I'm hoping that by tommorrow she is atleast 10lbs... we'll see! She's thrown up a couple times in the last few days which doesn't help, but I'm still hopeful!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Everyone looks Great! I was getting a little worried since there were no new postings but I am so glad you guys were finally able to step out and get away for a little bit. You guys like so good and nice job to Gavin for his first watering the lawn experience! I'm sure it won't be his last! Teagan looks great and just from the pictures I can see all the improvements she has made! Always keep your head up and remember my thoughts and prayers are always with you!