Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heart Buddies!

Teagan had her first 'playdate' today with her heart buddy Maddie Grace! Maddie is a Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome baby and she's so adorable! Trent actually knows Maddie's mom Katie from highschool rodeo and we happened to run into them while we were all at Children's Hospital. The girls were born a week and 1 day apart and Maddie had her surgery exactly a week before Teagan. Both girls will have the same 2 upcoming heart surgeries before they're officially 'replumbed' and they'll both have their cute little 'zippers' to share!

Its so nice to have someone to talk to who knows exactly what we're going through! I don't think Katie and I stopped talking today for about 5 hours straight! God is so great and has blessed me with a wonderful friend so close by to share this crazy journey with! I'm so excited to watch our little girls grow and be able to share this special bond! There is a link to Maddie's blog on the left under Teagan's 'heart buddies'!

Teagan is still doing really well with this new formula. I'm not sure yet what this means as far as breastfeeding but I'm planning on discussing it with the dr. next week. We also see the cardiologist next thursday for the first time in a month!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Both girls look so healthy. I'm glad that you don't live that far apart and can get together-what and encouragement that will be for many years to come.
I'm glad you found a formula that will work. If you won't be "pumping" anymore, just think of all that extra time you'll have!

Katie said...

What fun we had! I just posted it on our blog. Thanks for the wonderful day...looking forward to our next 'playdate'- See you real soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trent & Susie ~
My name is Kelsey Endicott and I found your blod site thru Maddie & Katie Allred. I, too, high school and college rodeoed with Trent and Katie (my maiden name is Kelsey Kayser). I have been following Maddie very closely & was suprised to fine Teagan's link and discover your connection with the Allred's. I send you much love and hope and strength for a miraculous life with Teagan. She is adoreable & has had a remarkable journey. I wish you all the luck in the world. Mabye our children will one day meet on the rodeo trail. You will remain in our prayers.
Take care.
Clint, Kelsey & Wade Endicott

Anonymous said...

Dearest Family,
Love the new Blog Look, the pictures are so endearing and help me feel like I'm with you even tho I'm 160 or so miles away!
The little girls are adorable together, they will truly grow up being "heart sisters" I'm so happy that you and Katie found each other! God just knew you'd be a perfect match! School's out so I'll see you soon! YAH!!!
love you all,xo

Anonymous said...

That's so great that you have someone to share your experiences with! The girls are adorable together!

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out how to leave a comment without signing up!!

We love you tons and we are both thinking of your family! Teagan looks beautiful, so do you, Susie!

We will would like to visit soon, just tell us when would be a good time!

Chad and Lisa