Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Dr.'s appt.!

We had our appointment with the cardiologist today, and I was nervous after our scare on Monday. They checked her SAT levels first and couldn't get them to read higher than 70 on her feet. But then they checked her hands and her SATs were around 85! They're chalking up her low SATs on her feet to poor circulation and cold feet! Then they did an echo and an ekg, both of which looked great! The dr. increased a few of her medications now that she has gained weight and he said we don't have to be seen for another month! We're still unsure why she looked a little 'greyish' on monday but everything checked out great today! As things are now, we're expecting Teagan's second surgery to happen sometime in Sept. or Oct. But for now, he gave us the ok to travel by car and get out of the house! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Susie, that is GREAT news I am so happy for your family and just by reading your post I can tell your stress level has gone down!!! That is so awesome. All my wishes and prayers to all of you!!


Anonymous said...

Susie and Trent,
I'm SO thankful for this blog and all of the updates and pix. Thanks for being so faithful in keeping us informed. You remain in my prayers daily, as you do in our prayer chain and prayer group. I'm thanking God for her weight gain and that today's appt. went so well. Kiss the little darling for me. She is so incredibly beautiful and looks so much like Gavie! Can't wait to see her again one of these days. I love you all,

danny and chris said...

We cannot thank you guys enough for making the time to let us all be here through your stressful journey. Love the Blog. Miss you tons!