Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update part 2

This last week was pretty busy with Teagan's appt.'s, bloodwork, and weight checks. She had bloodwork done that showed some 'bad numbers' on monday, but the cardiologist reviewed the results wed. and said that they looked ok to her! I guess Teagan's hematocrit and some others were a little off from what a normal baby's would be, but they were ok for a 'heart baby.' I was relieved to hear that and also to hear that by wed. Teagan's liver was starting to feel a little less congested.
We went up to 30 cal/oz on her formula and now her goal for each day is to eat 18oz. We have another weight check on monday and if she isn't gaining 1/2 ounce or more per day then we'll probably be reinserting the NG tube to help her finish her feeds. One of our biggest concerns right now is getting her to gain as much weight as possible before her next surgery. Right now she weighs around 10lbs 11oz and she'll be 4 months old on monday! Teagan has been more fussy lately when she's trying to eat and the pediatrician thinks she's either teething or may have a touch of thrush. We're on another med for that to see if it helps!

We have an appt. with the cardiologist on wed. and they should do an echo on her heart to see if her tricuspid valve regurgitation has gotten any better. If it isn't improving or has gotten worse, then Dr. Toews said that we'll think about doing her surgery as soon as possible to help take some of the workload off of her heart.

Today has gone pretty well with Teagan's feeds and she seems happy too! I'll update more next week on her weight check and how her echo goes! Also, our best 'heart buddy' Maddie had her cath last week and it went great! She's scheduled for her 2nd surgery the 'Glenn' on Tuesday so keep her in your prayers! We know she'll do awesome!

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