Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weight Check & Update

Home Health came out to the house today for Teagan's weight check. I was a little nervous about how much she had gained because the last week or so she's been throwing up a little more and not eating quite as much as she should. But somehow she pulled through and gained 8 oz in the last 9 days!!!! She now weighs 10lbs 5oz!!! I was so excited to see those numbers on the scale! My daily mission is to get her to eat as much as possible and keep her growing so she can be strong for her next surgery, so after this last week I was amazed at her progress! She is 22 inches in length now too which puts her right around the 5th percentile. Her next weight check is a week from today when we meet with the WIC dietician for our monthly check up.

It has been so nice having my mom here this week to help with everything! Sometimes feeding Teagan can take up to 45 min. all together and my mom has been really great at feeding her for me- and getting her to eat! Gavin is making great progress with his 'potty skills' and is all but night trained! He is so cute in his little 'underoos'! He is pretty proud of his 'accomplishments' and announces it to everyone everytime he goes. Yesterday I took him to Walmart with me (my first experience at a store with him in underwear) and of course he had to use the potty twice while we were there. I'm a pretty germ conscious person (even more so now with Teagan) so there was no way I was going to let him touch the public toilet. So I decided to take his pants off and let him stand on the seat, thinking it would go straight down into the potty. Well, lets just say it went everywhere but the toilet! We came out of the bathroom to meet my mom and he proudly announced,"Hey grandma, I went potty all over the place! Did you hear me? I went potty all over the place!" My mom started laughing so hard I thought she was going to do the same! ha...


danny and chris said...

Great news. I am so glad your mom is there. Wish I could come help too! Have a great 4th. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Miss you!

The Hands said...

I lovethe potty story. I have some of my own, but girls are a little different. Good news on Teagan. She looks like a little compact package like Natalie.
On a positive note-can't wait until Teagan gets the Glenn. She will feel so much better. I can tell that Natalie breathes easier and feels better even though she is only 1 week post-op.