Monday, July 14, 2008


Over the weekend Teagan began tapering off on her feeds and by Sunday had only eaten 360ml for the day. (Our goal is 560ml/day) I took her in today for the bloodwork that the cardiologist had requested and she didn't appreciate that one bit! While I was there I decided to pop in to the pediatrician's office to have her SAT's checked and see if Dr. Lawrence had a minute to see us. Surprisingly, Teagan's SAT's were around 80 on her foot, which is really good for her. Dr. Lawrence thinks that it might be the increased dose of captopril helping her heart to work a little more efficiently. They also weighed her and she had dropped down to 10lbs 9oz. (Last wed. she weighed in at 10lbs 12oz) I was totally ready for him to suggest reinserting the NG tube, but he said they were expecting her to lose some weight now that they had increased her lasix. I guess some of the weight she had gained lately was water weight and now that she's on a higher dose of her diuretic her body is flushing alot of that out. (which is a good thing) A nurse from the office called this evening and said that her bloodwork results didn't look very good. One thing they were checking was whether or not her liver is being damaged by whats going on and I guess those numbers came back elevated. We are going back in for more bloodwork on wed. or thurs. to see if she is improving in that area. We are also going to see the cardiologist this wed. instead of waiting another week and a half just to make sure everything is ok. I don't want anyone to miss anything going on with her, and I want to be sure that we're doing everything we can to help her!

These last few days since my mom has left have been really hard. It was so nice having someone here for a solid week and a half helping out with everything. Also, I think my level of sleep deprivation is finally taking its toll on me. I guess a person can only go so long on 4-5 hours of broken sleep a night! Some days I feel like its almost impossible to give Gavin even a minute of my time when Teagan needs so much right now. Sometimes I wish we had another little one for him to play with all the time when I'm tied up doing other things! On a happy note, my brother Brian is coming out for another visit this Thurs. to help with things around here! He'll be able to stay for atleast a week or two and I can't wait for my 'backup' to arrive.

Please say a prayer for our best heart buddy Maddie. She was admitted to Children's hospital on Saturday and is planning to have her cath this Thursday in preparation for her upcoming Glenn. She's such a little fighter and we know she'll do great! Go Maddie go!

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REM said...

Susie, I pray for you and your sweet baby Teagan each and every day. May God give you the strength you need to be patient and loving with Gavin and tend to Teagan's needs as well. You are doing great. You are a wonderful mother. Go Susie Go! :)