Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quiet 4th

Our 4th of July weekend was pretty quiet around here. Its been really warm lately, so I didn't think it would be good to take Teagan down to the fireworks by the river. She seems to get overheated really quickly, even in the house! So we got take out and watched a movie! Next year we'll really have to celebrate, and Teagan should be walking by then!

Gavin is sure having fun playing with my mom! Today I found them in his bedroom both inside his Teepee!

This week Teagan has an appointment with the dietician, and a checkup with the cardiologist. They told me that we will probably think about scheduling her cath after our August checkup and then think about a surgery date after that. After seeing our heart buddy Natalie's improvements and quick recovery after her Glenn procedure, I'm almost excited about Teagan having hers! Natalie's mom said she is breathing slower and eating better already, just one week after surgery! Teagan has to work so hard to finish every bottle because she breathes so fast and just gets exhausted. Hopefully the surgery will help her body just be able to relax a little!

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