Thursday, July 24, 2008

Few more pics, and update...

We had another cardio appt. yesterday and everything went pretty well. Teagan's liver is less congested and her coloring is better overall. The dr. thinks that the higher doses of captopril and lasix are definitely what she needed. But her SATS yesterday were only 70, on her hand and her foot... Usually she's in the upper 70's even as recently as last week, so I was a little concerned. Dr. Toews said that because she's on so much captopril, it could be affecting her SATS or her shunt could have a small obstruction. We go back in 2 weeks for a checkup and if her SATS are still low 70's then we'll schedule her cath. I also took Gavin in with us so Dr. Toews could listen to him and see if he had any issues. (we were previously told that Teagan's defect was most likely genetic and that Gavin could very well have some sort of minor defect) He listened to Gavin for a few minutes without saying anything (which had me sweating) but then he sat up and said,"well, he's totally healthy!" What a relief! Its so nice to not have to worry about Gavin too! I've been praying and praying that Gavin would check out fine, and this was definitely an answer to those prayers!

Teagan is still not eating very well and weighed in yesterday at 10lbs 15oz. She's 4months and 3 days old today! No one wants to put her NG tube back in as long as she continues to gain 1/2 and ounce per day, so we'll see how this week goes! But for now- no tube!

My brother Brian is still here for a few more days and took a few more pictures for us. This time of the whole family! I know some of you (family) wanted a few more so here you go. If you click on the small pics, they'll get bigger and you can save them to your computer!

Our heart buddy Maddie is sailing through her Glenn recovery like the superstar that she is! Her surgery was on Tuesday and they're already talking about moving her to the floor as soon as today! Its so encouraging to watch her do so well! We're praying that Teagan will be able to cruise through the next surgery like Maddie!


The Hands said...

I love the family pictures! What a cute little group. I love Gavin's curley hair and his smile is jsut like yours, Susie. Thanks for including your husband this was good to put everyone together. Teagan looks happy, alert and well fed. Don't worry too much. You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

So cute, I am glad Trent finally got in some of these photos. I put the one of Gavin (with his hands behind his head) and Teagan laying in the grass as my desktop! They are so adorable! You are all looking great!! Much love to all of you!

Love Always,

erica white said...

What a beautiful family! All smiles and curls! Teagan is so cute!!!! And Gavin is adorable as ever. I'll keep you all in my prayers as the day of the next surgery draws closer. I wish there was more I could do! If your here in Twisp, we would love a playdate with Gavin. Love, hugs and prayers to you all!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the family picture, so nice to see ALL of you together looking so bright eyed and cheery! What a beautiful family...great genes on both sides!(tee hee)!
Loon Lake friends send their love and greetings!
love and prayers always,