Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ups and Downs

Here are a few pictures of the monitor that Teagan had to wear to record her heart rhythms. As you might imagine, it was not very comfortable for her and she was glad to get it off this afternoon! (I was also glad, its really hard to hold her and not hurt her with all the junk hooked to her!) She had to wear 7 sensors with wires attached to them which went to the little hard drive that stores all the data. Then they put on what they called a 'tank top' to hold everything in place. I just hope it recorded what it was supposed to, so we don't have to do that again anytime soon! Her appt. with the cardiologist went great! They checked all the normal vitals and did an echo, all of which looked good! We don't have an another appt. for a month!

On the downside, Teagan is still having bloody stools and her rash hasn't really improved. We've both been 'dairy free' since monday and I'm not sure its helping! She was doing a little better with her bottle today, but she threw up a whole feeding this morning! I keep telling her there is no way she's gonna grow those cute little rolls if she keeps doing that! She really wants to eat when I give her the bottle or nurse her, but she usually winces in pain after she starts eating and just cries! I'm planning on taking her back to the dr. tommorrow again to explore a few other reasons she might be having these issues!

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erica white said...

Hi Susie and family!
I have enjoyed the updates so much! Thank you! She is doing so great, and I had to share the Gavin stories with Paul, what a cutie! Sometimes babies are also allergic to soy, I know..what a pain..but just a thought. Teagan is so adorable, she looks so much like Trent too.
You have a beautiful family and God continues to bless you all!