Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick Update

Teagan had an appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday and overall she's still doing great, but I left a little dissapointed. We're monitoring her weight gain closely and measuring every drop of milk she eats hoping to pack on the pounds. I thought that she would for sure have gained a good amount of weight based on how much she was eating and her newly formed double chin, but she only gained 2oz for the whole week! (I was thinking she would be up 5-7oz). So we left with a new feeding plan for the week and we check back in again next thursday. Her heartrate and her SAT levels were great, and she's smiling and interacting with us all the time now though!

Friday morning was more exciting than I would have liked. Teagan's feeding tube came out for the first time since we've been home, and she pulled it out during a feed! I was so worried that she had gotten milk in her lungs and also terrified at the thought of having to re-insert the tube by myself! (Trent was working) Anyway, after some tears from both of us (and a little 'help' from Gavin) we all got through it and the new tube went in fine!

Another funny Gavin story: Last week we were running late for Teagan's dr. appointment and had been having a very stressful day. Gavin must have sensed this because as we walked in the door to the dr.'s office he looked at the nurses, held up his hand and said,"Sorry guys, we kinda had a busy day!" ha.. He was totally apologizing for us!

This weekend Trent's mom is down here with us again helping me maintain some level of sanity! Each day gets a little better and we're all starting to settle into a routine. Teagan will be 8 weeks old on friday and 2 months old on the 21st!

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