Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trial Run

At our dr.'s appointment yesterday we talked about leaving Teagan's feeding tube out for a 'trial' run to see if she can do it. Dr. Lawrence agreed to give it until wed. and we'll see if she gains any weight and can handle her feeds. So for now, no feeding tube! We are still trying to figure out what is causing the bloody diapers. The new plan is to feed her straight formula (no breastmilk at all) until wed. and see if it clears up. (the formula is hypo-allergenic) If it does, then we know its something in my milk. If she is still having blood in her diaper then we'll talk about doing more invasive testing. She hasn't been eating as much as she should today so I'm preparing myself to possibly put the tube back in. We'll see how tonight goes!

Gav has been really sweet today. I found him in the living room wiping the coffee table with a baby wipe. When he saw me watching he said,"look mom I cleaned the house for you!" So sweet! (if only it were that easy!)


Anonymous said...

Trent and Susie,
I've just read your blog (link through Katie) and it is like a deja vue. Our Natalie had the exact same condition. She was in Seattle Children's from Dec. 19th to April 1st. Wish we could have gotten hooked up with you there. Maybe we could have been of some encouragement during those shocking first days. Sounds like things are going good for you now. If you'd like to chat, Katie has my number. Glad to see that you have the Master Physician on your side.
Angie Hand

Anonymous said...

Susie and Trent, Once again, thanks again for the blog. We check it every day. Nana Laurie also keeps us informed. We're praying especially re: the feeding tube, blood in her stools, weight gain and YOU not being able to eat so many things. Love you all and LOVE the pics of Teagan and Gavie. Janie