Friday, May 23, 2008

2 Months Old!

As of wed. May 21st, Teagan is 2 months old! Trent and I are amazed and truly feel blessed that Teagan is doing so well just a short time after her heart surgery. Its really amazing how far she has come!

Her dr.'s appointment on wed. went pretty well. All of the tests they've done to determine what the blood in her stools is caused by have come back normal. So for now, we're assuming its an allergy to something in her previous formulas or my breastmilk. I'm still off all dairy and also soy products and any nuts (peanut butter, etc...) So my diet isn't very exciting, but if it helps Teagan then I can handle it! Teagan is also finally gaining weight! On wed. she weighed 8lbs 5 oz!!! Which means that in the last 2 weeks she gained almost a whole pound! The dr. felt she was healthy enough to have a few immunizations so she received 2 of the 4 shots due at 2 months. She has been really sore and fussy the last 2 days but as of today (friday) is doing much better! Her immunization schedule is a little tricky because she's not allowed to have any 'live' vaccinations for 4 months because of the blood transfusion she received during her surgery. Also, she's not allowed to have any shots 1 month prior to her next surgery so we have to try and fit as many in as we can between now and then!

We still haven't received any word yet on the results of her holter monitor study from last wed. Someone from children's hospital is supposed to call us after they've reviewed her rhythms. If she's doing well enough, they'll start to wein her propranolol!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Trent and I could not have gotten through the last 2 months without it! Thank you also for all of your comments on here- its so encouraging and we love reading them!


Anonymous said...

Happy Two Months Old, Teagan. And hyou are such a cutie to boot!! Contrats mom and dad on making it through the past two months. The rewards will start coming as Teagan relates more and more. What a cute picture of her and Trent and also the one of Susie and Gavie. We love you guys! Janie

Mom said...

It's so good to see you all looking so happy! Teagan and Gavin are beautiful! You're doing such a great job keeping up with everything and working so hard. I just love the video of Teagan "talking!" She reminds me so much of Gavin at that age! I love you all so much and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Teagan!! What happy news to reach this milestone...hope she continues to improve and get bigger and stronger. Susie & Trent, I don't know how you guys are doing it, but you look fantastic! Gavin, such a doll. Hang in there gang...the good Lord is watching over you all. Much Love - The Paynes

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just got caught up, we,ve been out of town.By the looks of the pictures Teagan looks great! You guys are taking such good care of her. What a little doll! Gavin looks like a little ham. I,m so glad things are starting to settle down a bit. we,ll still keep you all in our prayers. Thanks for the pics they,re great, Love you all, Aunt Karen.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the progress that little Teagan has made! She is so Beautiful and Gavin could he be any cuter? You guys are amazing and give me so much strength in my everyday life! You two are truely inspirational to everyone. I share Teagans story with the Ladies I work with and they always love looking at her pictures and hearing about her improvements. Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated on her continual progress! I love you guys!!!