Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gav turns 3!

We had a little party for Gavin over the weekend since we were at the hospital for his actual b-day on the 14th. I told everyone not to tell him it was his birthday while we were gone, and that we'd just have his birthday when we got back. I thought that we had been sneaky enough and he hadn't noticed that his party was 2 weeks late. But on saturday while we were out buying party supplies he told everyone,"I'm already 3, but today is my birthday!" I guess he had it all figured out the whole time!

My dad and stepmom ended up being here in town from Vegas and Trent's mom was also here for the party. It was nice to have some family around to help us celebrate because we weren't ready to have any of Gav's little buddies over just yet. After everything Teag's been through in the last few weeks I'm not about to introduce anymore germs! All Gav wanted to do for his party was have a pinata. He picked out a racecar one and it was the pullstring kind. For those of you who haven't partied with a pinata lately, the new thing is the 'pullstrings'. No more breaking it open with a bat (although they have those too) these ones have a bunch of strings hanging from the bottom and one secret string triggers the trap door for the candy. It makes it much easier for the little ones who'd probably lose interest before breaking it open! Gav had so much fun pulling one string at a time until the big candy explosion! He was in kid candy heaven when he saw it raining down on top of him! Within probably 10 seconds he had already opened and eaten like 3 pieces and had a sucker in his mouth!
We lit the candles on his cake and before we had finished singing, he'd already blown them out shouting,"lets get this party started!" ha... I'm a little embarrassed about his favorite present but proud at the same time. When we were at the RMD house for Teag's first surgery back in March Gav fell in love with this realistic kid-size vaccuum they had there and talked about it forever. Needless to say, after opening it and seeing what it was he decided he needed to vaccuum the whole house then and there and not open anymore presents! Now, when I can't find him I just listen for the faint humming of his little Hoover and it leads me right to him!

Teag is doing ok the last few days. Today marks one week that we've been home from the hospital and things are starting to feel more normal each day. She's still in alot of pain from her chest wound and its far from being healed. We had a visit from the Heartlinks nurse today and she weighed in at 13lbs 4oz, sats were 80 and HR 142. We have a family wedding coming up next weekend (uncle cayle and loren!) so we're trying to gear up and prepare for the little road trip. We've gotten the ok from cardio but its still nerve wracking to think about traveling!

We are praying tommorrow for our heart friend Lindsay who is having her Glenn up in Michigan. She is adorable and just a bit younger than Teag, her link is on the left under heart buddies!


REM said...

Happy Birthday, Gavin! My son Aiden is sitting here and he saw me looking at the blog and the first thing he said was, "Hey, I want a SPEEDRACER Pinata!" Haha! I guess I know what kind of cake I'll be making for his 6th Birthday in February. :) Teagan looks really good! Her color is so pink! Have fun this weekend at the wedding. Traveling with kids is hard enough and then tack on all the stuff you've been through...You are amazing! Gavin in his undies vacuuming has to be my most favorite shot! My little guy, Asher, will be turning 2 this month...I may have to get that Hoover! :)Elisa

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the update & all the cute pics of Gavin. It looks as if he had a nice b-day even if it was a couple weeks late. Boy sounds like you can't pull anything over on him. Ha! I'm glad Teagan is doing much better, hopefully things are getting back to normal for you guys. Take care,
Love Aunt Karen.

Jr, Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean said...

Thanks for the prayer request Susie! We need all of them that we can get even if they are from across the country! Happy Birthday Gav! And Teagan is wearing one of my very favorite onsies for Lindsay. Teag is soooo adorable! My best friend lives in Portland and I have already told her that I'm taking a road trip to meet you and Katie when I go for a visit. I hope we can make that happen someday. Thanks again for the prayers. Soooo thoughtful. Especially coming from another heart mommy.
Love to you all!