Monday, October 27, 2008

Enjoying Fall, Gearing up for Winter!

Last week the whole family went in for flu shots. Trent had gotten one at work earlier in the week so he thought he was just going for support. Little did he know that the Dr. wanted him and I both to get a TDAP booster (Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis) sp? To protect Teag from Whooping Cough since we hadn't had that shot in quite awhile. Gav was a little trooper and so was Teag- the whole family combined got 6 shots! (Teag and I both got 2, and the guys one each) Now we're all geared up for the winter flu season.... Next month Teag will get her final 4 month shot and her first RSV vac. of the season.
We spent a beautiful day at the park with the Allred's on Friday. The boys loved playing together at the Playground of Dreams and Katie and I had a good chat. We even put the girls in the swings together for the first time! They loved swinging back and forth and watching the crazy boys run around!
This week we've also carved pumpkins, made Halloween cookies, made too many messes to count, and played in the leaves! Tommorrow Teag has a physical therapy evaluation at 8 am. I'm interested to see what ideas they have for me to help with her strength. She has no interest in putting any weight on her legs at all. She loves to kick them all over but won't even try to stand up on my lap or jump in her Johnny Jumper. She's also not rolling over on her own yet- I actually think she might sit up on her own first!


Simmons Family: said...

I love the seasons and the leaves on the ground... so jealous! We still have 90degree heat.

Teagan's PT eval will be great! We've been doing PT for about 4 months now and it's been great. Owen STILL won't put weight in his legs at 9mo. They say it just comes one day.

Good luck and can't wait to see Halloween pics!

Katie said...

Great pictures! The kids look so darling in the leaves. Hope today goes well, thanks for the email. Let me know how it goes:)