Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Wedding Adventure!

Over the weekend we headed out to Orcas Island, WA for Trent's brother Cayle's wedding. Its around a 6 hour drive and then an 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to the island but the trip went well. Gav loved riding the ferry or 'big toot' as he calls it, and the kids did great with the long drive. The wedding on Saturday was beautiful and great sunny weather- just a little chilly! We all stayed in these cute little cabins right on the beach and hung out in the lodge cabin most of the weekend. There was lots of good food, guitar sing-alongs, smores making, rock throwing, beach digging and visiting with family and friends. Teagan did really well with all of the people and noise and I'm so glad we ended up going! Just a month ago while we were sitting in the hospital with her I didn't think there was any way that we'd make the wedding. It was nice for Trent and I too to finally take a little trip with the kids that didn't involve going to the hospital! We've been so blessed with how quickly Teag has been able to recover from her surgeries and bounce back after everything she's endured! Here's a picture of Victorian Valley Chapel where the wedding was:
Me with the girls: Bek, Deni and Jenn
Gav with the groom- Uncle Cayle!

Gav with the bride- Aunt Loren!

The whole Maxwell gang:

Here's the main cabin where we hung out most of the weekend at Beach Haven resort:

Here's a pic of our cabin:

Makin smores around the fire! yum!

Teagan had a cardiology appt. this morning and it went really well. They did an echo and said her Glenn anatomy looks really good. She still has some tri-cuspid regurgitation but Dr. Herndon said that its to be expected and he's not really concerned. Teag's sats were in the low 80's and she was even looking a little pink! We got the ok to pull out her Ng tube for now and see how she does. I also got the ok to let her go a little longer at night now between feedings, yay!!!! No more waking up every 2 1/2 hours to feed her! Its been a long sleepless 6 1/2 months and I'm so excited to see how long she'll sleep on her own!


erica white said...

What a great location! You all look so happy and beautiful, Teagans little dress is soooo cute and Gavin looks like he had way too much fun. I'm so glad you where able to make the trip and enjoy some much needed family fun!
I'm excited to watch Teagan improve all the time!
With much love and hugs,
Erica White

Katie said...

Such cute pictures! So glad you posted them and what fun memories for your family. I LOVE Teag's big flower headband!!! Very, very cute and trendy :)

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! I'm glad you all were able to make the trip. It sounds like so much fun! Happy Birthday Suz!

Love, Cari

Mom said...

Happy birthday Susie! Wish we were there so I could bake you a cake and help you with the kiddies. The pictures are beautiful! Gav & Teag sooo cute and you look beautiful! I am glad that you'll get to sleep a little more at night now. I miss you terribly! Here's a big birthday hug! Lots of love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I loved all the pics. The kids are so cute! What a besutiful place for a wedding, but it didn't top yours! I'm so glad Teagan is doing so well & her tube is out yaaaay! Hope you can get some rest now. GOD IS GOOD!
Happy Birthday Susie,
Love Aunt Karen.