Monday, August 18, 2008


Teagan in the final recovery room....

We received a page around 10:20 saying that they were finishing up and that Dr. Johnston would be out to speak with us. He said that the cath went well and they didn't have to make any 'adjustments' (no stenting/ballooning etc...) He took some pictures of her heart and measured her pressures. They also took her SAT readings from blood samples taken directly from her heart and her 'true SATs' are around 69. Her heart pressures were good enough to handle the Glenn and he said her pulmonary artery looks 'great' and is a nice size. Dr. Johnston would like to schedule her Glenn for sometime in the next 4 weeks, but doesn't think she is an emergency case at all. They are planning on presenting her with the cath lab pics next monday, and then someone is supposed to call me next week to schedule her surgery date. Trent and I were relieved to hear such good news! Dr. Johnston isn't the most enthusiastic guy but he seemed to be pleased with the way she looked. He did say though that he wants us to stop her Captopril until her Glenn surgery, to hopefully help her maintain her sat's. She normally takes 2ml-3x's per day so it will be nice getting rid of that for now!

We were told that Teagan needed to recover in the 'phase 1' room for about an hour before we saw her, but around 11:00 they paged us again and asked for me to go back there and bring her food. They don't normally let parents in there, but Teagan was really upset and they couldn't get her to calm down. When I started down the hallway I could hear her screaming and I started to panic! I grabbed her from the nurse and wrapped her up tight. Her heart rate was 200 when I got back there and her sat's were in the low 60's with oxygen. I was able to calm her down a bit and feed her some and she began to fall asleep. I ended up staying back there with her for another hour while we waited for her sat's to come back up. This was the deciding factor on whether to admit her overnight or let us go later today. So after an ekg and a quick chest x-ray, her numbers started going back to normal and we were sent to the final recovery area where we began before her surgery. (see the pic below) Poor Trent had been sitting in there alone for the last 2 hours not knowing what was going on! So right now we are still in the final recovery room and everything is going great. They want to keep us here for atleast 3 hours to make sure her incision site isn't bleeding and that she can maintain her sat's on her own. She's asleep in her little hospital bed and her heartrate is 121, sat's are 81- yay!! If everything stays this way, we'll be out of here later this afternoon! We're staying another night at the hotel to hopefully relax and let her rest before putting her back in the car for the long drive tommorrow. I have a few pics from her cath that I will put on here when I get a chance.

Overall, her cath was a success and apart from the little scare we had post op, she's doing great! Please keep her in your prayers that she will recover quickly and we can get out of here soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were there to sooth her with your special "mommy" touch! She's a trooper and you are both terrific parents! God is good and this is a great report! Hope you get some rest tonight. We love you lots!

Love, Mom, Rick & Brian

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie -

Cari gave me the address for your blog right after Teagan was born so I have been keeping up with her journey! I am so happy for you that she made it through her cath so well - you have a very special baby! You are right about God's plan for Teagan - he has one for all of us. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

Jessica Bode Talleur

The Hands said...

Praise the Lord! Your right about Dr. Johnston, but if you heard "great" come out of his mouth, that's good. So glad it went smoothly.

Katie said...

Way to go, Teagan! So happy to hear that all is great and you're ready for your Glenn! Sus, you sounded really relieved and happy tonight. So glad the cath is behind you and all is well with Teagan's heart. Yippee!
Love you guys,
The Allreds

Anonymous said...

Susie, I'm so happy to hear that Teagan pulled through OK. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the developments. Please be careful driving home tomorrow.
Love, Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

You guys are totally in our prayers! Such great news that the doctors were positive...and no need to rush on things. I'll say extra prayers that the return trip home goes guys deserve the break. Please let us know if we can help!
Love and blessings, The Paynes

Anonymous said...

My Dears,
Gavin and Nana and Pacaw have been very busy while you were in Seattle, Gavin has been driving the gator up to the corals to feed the horses everyday! and played in the river throwing plunkers and skippers with Uncle Cayle and have eaten quite a bit of ice cream! hmmm! coming home tom. and can't wait to see mommy, daddy and Tiggely! We love you soooo much!
Gavin, Nana and Pacaw

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that everything went well. You guys are amazing parents. You are in our prayers daily.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Teagan! I'm glad it went well. You guys are such great parents. We're keeping you in our prayers!