Monday, August 11, 2008

Goin on a bear hunt...

Gavin down at the river
Gav & Trent in the Meadow
Here's where Trent shot the bear!
Gav, Trent & the BEAR!
Show me your teeth!

We had a fun weekend up in Twisp and made it home late last night. The kids and I hung around the house most of the weekend enjoying the river and the nice weather. Trent went bear hunting friday and saturday, and on saturday he shot his first bear! He didn't make it back home with the bear until around 10pm that night but we let Gav stay up so he could see it. You should have seen Gavin's face when Trent pulled it out of the truck! Its one thing to see a bear at the zoo or on tv, but when your dad brings one home- its pretty impressive! Trent showed him the paws and the big teeth, and Gav was so excited!

Teagan is leaning on her NG tube more and more lately. She's just too tired to finish her bottle (or sometimes even start one) and she usually gets really sweaty and out of breath when she's eating. I know these are signs that she needs the next surgery soon, its just so hard to think about handing her over. We are still scheduled to go over for her heart cath next monday around 7:30 am. I'm really anxious about what the cath will show because they can see alot more than on the echos that she's been getting at the cardiologist. From what they've told us, depending on what the cath shows they'll either do surgery the week after or a month after so we'll see. I'd prefer to wait a month so that she can keep packing on the pounds! -and so I don't have to hand her over so soon... I know that ultimately she needs the surgery to get better, there's no way around it. Its so hard to think of things in the 'medical sense' now that she's been home with us for 3 months and is such a part of our lives. I am praying for a sense of peace this week knowing that God is in control and will be holding her when we cannot!

Thank you to everyone who is still praying for Teagan and our whole family. It was so good to see so many of you this weekend and show Teagan off a little! Your thoughts and prayers mean more than you know and we wouldn't be doing as well as we are without them!


Mom said...

Susie & Trent - you are such an inspiration and such wonderful parents. We are very proud of you and will continue to pray every day for peace and for wise surgeons with skillful hands to restore Teagan to better health. Trent - congrats on the bear! You are officially a "brave bear hunter!" We love you guys!
Mom & Rick

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to get away. Congrats on the bear Trent! Gavin looks so cute looking at the bear! We will be praying that everything will go well next week.Your comment about God holding Teagan on her next sx made me cry because I Know he will & is every day! Peace be with you, Love you all sooo! much,
Aunt Karen