Monday, August 18, 2008

Cath Underway....

Here's Teagan in her hospital gown, just before we handed her over....

We arrived here at the hospital this morning around 7am and were taken back pretty quickly. Teagan was doing really well for not eating since midnight, she even gave us a few smiles. We met with Dr. Johnston, the anesthesiologists, and several nurses before handing her over around 8:30. My biggest concern was that she would be terrified and in pain while they were starting her iv, but they assured me that she would be given gas, and be in a deep sleep before they began. Its the weirdest feeling handing your baby over to the dr.'s and watching them walk away with her. I had a little 'moment' after they walked away, but I'm much better now and am just anxious to hear the results.

They told us the procedure should last anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours depending on whether they have to stent anything open or make any other adjustments. We're not sure yet if we'll be staying overnight or leaving later today- it all depends on what they see when they get in there. We have a pager so they can let us know when we can see her. They also said that if they have to make any 'adjustments' while in there, they'll page us to let us know about that too. So right now Trent and I are upstairs in the family resource center trying to get my laptop connected to the internet. (I'm on the hospital computer now) If we get it connected, I'll post a pic of Teag from this morning right before we handed her over. She looked pretty cute in her little hospital gown!

Our trip over to Seattle yesterday didn't exactly go as planned, and I was once again reminded that we are definitely not in control! We left around 12 noon for what should have been around a 3 1/2 hour drive. We had planned to check in to the hotel, have a nice dinner, and just relax before our big day today. Little did we know that half of Seattle would be trying to get over the pass and get back to the city yesterday! We hit stand still traffic just after Ellensburg (about half way) and long story short we pulled into the hotel parking lot at 8:30pm!!!! Yes, 8 hours in the car! We were joking that we could have been in Calgary by then.... I was so angry and frustrated that things weren't going our way and that Teagan had to be in her carseat for 8 hours the day before her cath. But in the end we made it- not as planned, but still ok and it gave me a better mindset for today I think. I was once again reminded that no matter how many lists I make, or how much I plan- I am not in control, but HE is. Trent and I know that no matter what the dr.'s come back and tell us later today- god has a plan in place for Teagan and as hard as it is- we need to place our worries on HIM and not take them on ourselves.

I will update later with the latest, as soon as we know anything! Thank you all for checking in on us today, for your prayers and thoughts! We love you all!

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