Saturday, August 16, 2008

Headed Out...

Teagan, on our way to dinner- too busy staring at daddy to look at the camera!
My happy girl

Trent, Teagan and I are headed over to Seattle in the morning to settle in before Monday's cath. Tonight we went out to a nice dinner and held Teagan all evening while we talked about the coming week. We're uncertain how long we'll be there and it will depend on the results of her cath. They're basically going in to 'investigate' and see how her heart looks from the inside. They'll look at her shunt and possibly open it up more if it is blocked at all. They will get a good idea of whether or not her heart is ready for the Glenn surgery and when she will need it.

I've definitely been through a rollercoaster of emotions this week thinking about everything Teagan has already overcome and the hurdles still in front of her. I'm glad we're going over when we are though. This week Teagan is definitely showing signs that she is struggling more and more each day. I'm feeding her via her NG tube probably 65% of her feeds because she just doesn't have the energy. When these babies are oxygen deprived, they give up some of the easiest things first- and with Teagan this has always been eating. She's not sleeping very well either, waking up several times throughout the night- even when she's full. Her coloring is pretty pale and she is getting sweaty sometimes just sitting in her bouncer seat. Its so hard to see our little 'Teagee' feeling so crummy, so for this I am excited that the dr.'s can hopefully bring her some relief!

Our plan tommorrow is to arrive in Seattle by early afternoon, check in to our hotel and spend a relaxing evening together. More updates to come!


Katie said...

Trent & Sus,
Everything will turn out just great- have faith! We'll be praying for little Teags cath to go perfectly tomorrow morning. Good luck and we'll look forward to your updates!

Love you guys,
The Allreds

Anonymous said...

Trent and Susie.

Please know that all of you, especially Teagan are in my prayers. You both have done an exceptional job, "parenting" your sweet baby daughter......I know it's been tough, but always remember He is with you, always.

Best Wishes,

Susie Stewart, Maddie's Nany

Simmons Family: said...

Good luck with the Cath!! It's never easy to send them off for any procedure, but if it's time for the Glenn, be grateful to get it over and done with. They feel SOOO much better afterwards!!

Have fun in Seattle with your family before the procedure!!

Can't wait to hear updates!!


Anonymous said...

Trent & Susie,
You will be in my prayers & thoughts Monday. I know God will see you through. Give Teagan a big hug & kiss from her Aunt Karen,I'm praying that you will have great peace & calm.
Love you all!