Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Surgery update #2

We got our first page around 10:10 telling us that anesthesia was done placing all of her lines (central line in her neck, arterial line in her wrist, and 3 peripheral lines in her arms and legs as well as intubating and stabilizing her) The surgeon was then able to begin working his way through her chest and layers of scar tissue to get to her heart. We just received a page at 12:30 saying Dr. Permut had reached her heart, placed her on bypass and was beginning to work on placing her conduit and repairing her heart. We expect this to take an hour or more, and then we'll receive another page to let us know she's off of bypass. Then it will take another hour or so to close her up and begin prep to move her to the ICU.

We have family here waiting with us which is so nice and helps pass the time. Trent's Dad and brother Shaughn as well as my Dad and brother Brian are spending the day with us. My mom has our youngest Bode- who has been sick for the last 3 days and just went with her to urgent care to get checked out. Having Bode sick and not being there for him is so hard and sad, but he's in great hands with Grandma! Gavin is having a blast with his cousins in Snohomish and is enjoying alone time with them as well! We hope to have Bode healthy and able to join Gavin and his cousins for a fun time later this week.

Trent and I just took a tour of the new ICU area here at Seattle Children's and met with our nurse who will be caring for Teag this afternoon/evening. She was really, really great and took notes on all the things we were concerned about and also on Teagan's favorite foods, movies, etc.. so she's ready for her! We're eating lunch and drinking lots of water so that we can be ready to help Teag as soon as we can see her! Hoping for another page telling us she's off of bypass in an hour.


Katie Allred said...

Such a beautiful girl!!! We love you!


We love you guys so much. What a story this Beauty has to share with the world!