Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Surgery Day Update #1

We woke up early this morning and headed to the hospital to check in around 6:30am. Teag was in a great mood and only a little nervous about today. We played the ipad and goofed around with her while we waited to go back to pre-op.
Once we went back, we washed her down with the surgery wipes and got her suited up in her cute hospital gown. She chose 'Fuzzy' the bear to go back with her this time since Elsa went with her in April. :) Normally for heart catheterizations, they allow me to gown up and walk Teag back to the OR and put her to sleep myself but these major surgeries are different. They have to carry Teag away alone when they're ready and I was worried she'd be anxious so we had them give her Versed. It's an oral medication that makes her feel relaxed and almost drunk. She's hilarious and laughs at everything which makes the whole process easier. We met with anesthesia, the OR team and several others before they carried her away around 8:45. It will take around an hour to get her lines all in place and prep her for the surgeon, and then 4-5 hours for the actual surgery. Once they're done, it will be another 1-2 hours before we're allowed to see her in the ICU. We're hoping to see her sometime around 3-4pm this afternoon. We have a pager for updates and we just received our first page telling us the lines are in and they're starting surgery. This took a little longer than expected but it sounds like everything is going ok. Here are a few pictures of our brave girl from this morning...

Here's the last picture we took as they were carrying our sweet girl off to the OR. You can tell she's had the versed from her tired eyes and silly smile. Sleep well sweetheart!

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