Monday, April 1, 2013

With so much going on in our lives and so much that I've missed writing about this last year, I decided it was finally time to update the blog! I figured I'd just start with today and add in some recent birthday posts and other things soon!
Celebrating Easter today at home with our little family was so great! Spring is finally officially here and the weather was beautiful! We are supposed to be quarantining ourselves for some upcoming surgeries the kids are having (more on this later) so church was out, and we enjoyed a quiet morning reading the story of the resurrection with the kids, eating candy with breakfast and riding bikes in the garage. 

 I wanted to make a big lunch to celebrate the day and Gav helped me in the kitchen chopping the potatoes and setting the table. He turned 7 in the fall and is quickly becoming quite the little man. He loves to cook and is always up for a project! We are still homeschooling and using a co-op 2 days a week. He's almost finished with 1st grade and doing great! His favorite things are math, science and history- but he's also quite the artist and is always making a craft in our schoolroom. We pulled lunch together around 1 and had Auntie Loren over to join us for our feast!
After lunch, we headed outside for an egg hunt and to enjoy the warm sunny weather! The kids love looking for eggs, and eating the candy even more. Teagan had candy or gum in her mouth for most of the afternoon and was thrilled. She turned 5 last week (will post on her bday soon!) and is a little ray of sunshine! She is really into 'tricking' us lately with a funny joke or telling us something that's not true and then quickly saying,"I'm just kiddin!" Today she had a funny smile on her face and handed a tootsie roll to Trent urging him to open it and eat it. He took it and put it in his pocket, but she insisted that he eat it right then. He obliged and when he unwrapped it, it wasn't a tootsie roll inside but a piece of her chewed gum. When she saw that he opened it, she laughed so hard and ran away, ha! Trent likes to tease the kids with gum wrappers, or other empty candy wrappers that he's refolded to make it look like its a new piece. She's quickly catching on to the trickery...

Bode loved the egg hunt too! He would open each egg he found and get distracted wanting to eat the candy right away while the other kids ran all over. He had a birthday last week also and is now a big boy 3 year old! He always has some funny question or face he's making- and we're always laughing at what comes out of his mouth. Today he fell in the dirt while running and he jumped right up and said,"that was wicked!" (I have no idea where he heard this?) He is our little firecracker and always wants to play 'fight' or 'tackle you'.

Checking out their stash...

 After our egg hunt, we went inside to color eggs and make cookies while Trent worked on a project. When we were done with that, we took a long family jog to try and run off some of our lunch! There's an area near our house where a new road is being built, so there is lots of room to explore and no cars yet! The kids were loving the shadows cast on the road below and were instructing Trent on what position to do. The top right pic below is a move they called 'The Goat'?! We had Teagan and Bode in the jogger, but when they saw the dirt field they wanted out. We ended up being gone for a few hours and found a fun trail along a nearby creek at the park. We threw rocks, got dirty and just spent time as a family. I love days like today! I try to soak in every second of the times like these we have and don't ever take them for granted. We have some big decisions to make in the next few months regarding Teag's plan for the future, and today was one of those days where I could just enjoy being together and not thinking about all that stuff. For that I am so grateful!
Tomorrow we head over the pass to Seattle for Bode's appointment at Seattle Childrens. He is having a CT scan on his head/left temple and also an appointment with the cranio/facial surgeon. Bode has had a small mass on his left temple since just after he was born. We had it checked out back then and were told it was nothing to worry about, but now that its still there the Dr. was more concerned. We saw the Cranio/Facial surgeon a few months ago and he thinks it is a dermoid cyst that will need surgery, but he wants a CT scan done first to make sure. So tomorrow is the scan and then we will get the results/make a plan. Bode is already scheduled for surgery on April the 12th, and the scan should show the surgeon if its only superficial or if the cyst goes deeper into his head. I am trying to keep my anxiety at bay and praying that its superficial and easily removed!

Teagan was supposed to go in for a heart catheterization surgery on Tues. (in two days), but that was postponed last week after a trip to the ER for a double ear infection and low SATS. After a few hours of O2 and some strong antibiotics, she's doing great again. But her cath has been rescheduled for May 1st and the surgeon wantes her illness free for 3-4 weeks before hand. The cath will let us know if she is a Fontan candidate or if we need to look at other alternatives... (the dreaded 'T' word) Last year in April she had a heart catheterization that showed high pressures in her right ventricle (17 I think) and also her tricuspid valve was moderately regurgitating. Those two combined do not make for a successful fontan candidate, so we've spent this last year adding and increasing meds to try and make an impact on the pressures/regurge. I pray nightly that all the medicines we give her each day are making a difference, but also know that God's perfect plan is being played out in her life each and every day! She is doing pretty well overall and her O2 levels are usually in the low 80s when resting. She asks to be carried after walking for a bit or going up stairs, her lips are frequently blue and she is easily winded- but it doesn't stop her!

I will update again with the results of Bode's scans and also the kids birthday posts soon!

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