Monday, April 8, 2013

Bode's appointment

 Last Monday after our fun Easter at home, we packed up the car and headed over the pass to Seattle for Bode's CT scan and appt. with the surgeon. We made it in time to grab a quick bite in the hospital cafeteria and meet up with Nana and Auntie Deni who played with Gav and Teag so we could focus on Bode.
We headed down to radiology and Bode had fun playing the 'Endless Alphabet' app on my phone (its pretty awesome) while we waited. Radiology told us that the scan would be quick, but that most kids Bode's age are sedated for it. I wanted no part of that and asked ahead of time if we could just go for it and see. Thankfully, the tech was super nice and amazing and Bode didn't seem too scared as we walked back there. Trent and I got to be right there with him in the room and I laid Bode in a little cradle lined with warm sheets on the CT scan bed. The tech gently wrapped him up and secured his arms while pointing out all the cool stickers on the dome of the machine. Bode was nervous when the machine turned on and kept saying,"Um, guys?" But he didn't move or cry! The scan took 20 seconds or so and then we were done! I was so proud of him for being brave and so happy to have him skip the sedation!
We headed back upstairs to Cranio/facial for our follow-up with the surgeon and ended up waiting for over an hour in our little room. Here is what the guys did to pass the time- you can tell Bode is thrilled to have another pic taken, ha.
 When the surgeon came to talked to us, he showed us a few images from Bode's scan. In the one below, you can see the indentation where the cyst has affected his skull. (the small dent above the ear area) Dr. G didn't seem surprised since Bode has had the cyst for most of his life, but he does want to remove it so that the cyst doesn't continue to grow inward and cause more damage to the skull. He explained that the procedure is 'simple' in the cranio/facial world and shouldn't take more than an hour.

Surgery is scheduled for this coming Friday, and Bode is 1st case right now. We're headed back to Seattle on Thursday with Nana along for the ride to help with Gav and Teag. If all goes well, Bode should have a few removable stitches and his skull indentation should repair itself over the next few years. The cyst will be sent to pathology but Dr. G is confident that it is nothing to worry about long term. Bode shouldn't need further treatment once surgery is done! The thought of our sweet little man in surgery is killing me, but I'm trying to stay positive! We're praying for smooth sailing and a quick recovery.
These guys got spoiled by Nana and Auntie while we were at the hospital with Bode. They went for ice cream and picked out a book and a Lego project at the toy store!
After we left the hospital, we went out to an early dinner at the Ram and headed back to our hotel. We are trying to avoid germs as much as possible, so we rented a redbox and planned a movie night! We checked in around 6 and the kids jumped on the beds and danced to kidz bop for at least an hour before winding down. We had a great time just playing with them and being goofy!
Our hotel window looked out at the space needle (in the distance) and lots of city traffic. The kids took a break from jumping long enough to enjoy the sunset and watch the action. I love these guys so much!
This week we're catching up on some homeschool lessons, playing outside and trying to stay healthy before leaving on Thursday.

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The Hands said...

So glad it all went well. We'll be praying for you guys this Friday. :-)